Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation review & swatches

When I sat down to review this Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF15 I was astonished to notice that I didn't have a single picture of the product in its box. I cannot explain how this is possible, but apparently I'd started using the foundation and put off taking pictures until some later time. Nevermind. Pictures of a product which has been put to a very good use will have to do.

The packaging is both good and bad. 
I like the metallic brown cap and the ingenious twist-up pump, which is truly innovative, but it's kind of messy as the nozzle isn't long enough and the foundation spurts on the cap more than on the back of my hand. 
The bottle itself is made of frosted plastic, which is more lightweight than glass and won't shatter on your floor tiles, but it's kind of chap and makes me feel that the packaging doesn't justify the steep price tag  and doesn't give me the sense of luxury which I expect from such a high-end product.  

The product inside has been named by many the best foundation in the world and the reviews are more than confusing. Some said it was moisturising and glowy, others praised it for its long-lasting formula, perfect for oily skin. Everybody stressed the natural finish, comfort of wearing and medium to high coverage.

Well, I happen to disagree.
My road to liking this foundation was long and after many trial and error applications I made it finally work for me, but I don't believe that an average user should spend any time experimenting with a high-end product. Make-up is supposed to be foolproof and work instantly, without primers, powders, setting sprays and what not.
The thing is that this foundation remains tacky even when it sets and although it doesn't look particularly oily on my oily skin, I would describe the finish as natural, I cannot go on to apply other face products without dusting my face with a fair amount of powder, which in turn makes my make-up noticeable and cakey.
The coverage is medium, no matter how much I build it up, my dark spots remain, but the make-up gets heavier and heavier.

My way to use this foundation is quite unusual, but I've noticed that it actually works on my oily skin.
I use face products in the following sequence:
moisturiser⇒primer⇒lightweight powder⇒a small amount of foundation⇒sheer, dry powder⇒bronzer, blush etc.
Products applied in this way not only give me flawless make-up, but also reduce the appearance of pores, prolong the wear time and keep my face shine-free for longer.

In the end I found myself liking this foundation, but I notice nothing that would explain the super steep price tag. 

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