Friday, 9 November 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Watery Berry line review

Here comes a review requested by a couple of my readers who attracted my attention to Skinfood Watery Berry line.
When I read the description of the product I didn't expect it to match my skin's needs but this little set turned out to be a love at first sight.

As far as product description goes the line contains hyarulonic acid which helps skin to absorb water and berry extracts which provide moisture to the skin, leaving it supple, glowing and moist. 
Having read this description I feared sticky finish which would restrict the use of these products to bed time only cause they would ruin my make-up.
Nothing like that has happened.
Actually I believe the products I've tried would suit oily skin better than dry.

The Watery Berry kit I got consists of mini-size toner, serum, emulsion and mask but there's no cream, so I've tried almost all products in the line except the cream. I also bought the Watery Berry eye cream which will receive a separate review soon.

Before I review each single item seaprately I'l like to mention the fragrance which unites all products within the range. Watery Berry has strongly perfumed scent which reminds me of Dolce Gabana Light Blue and it is the same fragrance which was used in Skinfood Apple Can blush. I've never been a fan of Light Blue but for skin care it's fine.

When I saw the consistency of the toner I thought it would leave my skin sticky but to my surprise it moisturises my skin gently and leaves it feeling comfortable and soft without any stickiness. Excellent mild toner.
Testing of this toner coincided with a breakout period in my skin and I must admit that the toner didn't do anything to alleviate the problem, but then the product does not promise to do so.


The serum turned out to be of gel-like consistency, absorbed very quickly leaving my face feeling fresh and prepped for another product. 
Unlike other Korean serums this one wouldn't do on its own. It left my oily skin wanting for more skin care. If you want to know whether I feel this serum is necessary to make the skin care complete, the answer is I'm not sure. It's a nice product, but after I ran out of the product relatively quickly I started using the emulsion alone and didn't notice much difference.  
Nonetheless, it's a very nice product.


I used the emulsion first with the serum, then alone and I must say this turned out to be a highly efficient moisturiser. Both the combo and the emulsion alone made perfect make-up bases. They absorbed quickly, leaving my face moisturised and matte.
It helped control sebum for hours and hours, which is amazing and throughout the day my foundation looked very decent even though I didn't use the primer.


Watery Berry Wrap Mask is the only product within the kit which provides full moisture. This mask has consistency of a dense gel. I apply it as a night pack and it provides full moisture to my skin. Excellent product, such a pleasure to use! And in the morning my skin looks fresh and smooth.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. Thank you so much for this! Can I request the Skinfood Watery Berry Blending Cream?

    1. Of course! With pleasure as I really love the line!

  2. Thank you! PS: Have you seen the Etude House Etoinette line? They're adorable! But zilch, so pricey!

    1. My jaw literally dropped! I need one of these beauties! Thank you for sharing!

  3. hai,
    where do you perchase the watery berry kit?

    1. I buy all my Skinfood from my favourite ebayer gooditem2012. Sells good quality stuff and gives loads of samples

  4. Hi, I just want to ask, I got the serum alone and I would like to try it. When it should be used btw? After washing my face? Also how much we should apply it on the skin, I read in other article, some people use it only a liiiiittle on the red spots, so practically not the whole face.

    Thank you for the answer <3

    1. Hi, to be honest I've got no idea. I applied it all over but I didn't notice any miraculous results making redness of any kind or origin disappear from my face. I simply took it for granted that serums are supposed to be used first and then followed by emulsions or moisturisers.