Thursday, 22 November 2012

Too Faced Sweet Indulgences set review

After my successful debut with the Too Faced brand (The Return of Sexy palette reviewed here) I couldn't resist the temptation of getting their Holiday 2012 set called Indulgence.

Well, Indulgence is a completely different story than The Return of Sexy. First of all you need to treat it as a gimmick. expensive, luxurious gift for a family member. Something pretty you don't expect much of. 

But if you want to treat it seriously a number if issues will arise.

Let's take a look at the packaging. The set comes in a lovely tin box, just like gourmet a box of chocolates. The thing is you don't need to open a box of chocolated too often, you eat them and then use the box to store your little treasures. The Ingulgence box, however, is meant to be opened daily and after one week of experimenting with the products I can already see the lid coming off its hinges. I've already started thinking of  some other way of storing the products but they come embedded in a sort of artist's palettes and are impossible to depot. 

The whole thing is extremely inconvenient to use. You need a lot of space to unpack the products. In order to reach the blushes and bronzers you need to remove the top palette.

What's more, many eyeshadows carry a surprise in them. They are completely different shades when applied  than in the pan. Such surprises are not always welcome cause you may spoil you look with something totally unexpected. What's more the palette lacks a proper highlight colour to be used on the brow bone.

The palette comes with 3 lookbook cards for those of us who lack imagination and need some help pairing the shadows. I tried on all three of them and I must say that none of them matched my complexion well and what's more important the looks suggested such clashes of colours that they made my teeth ache. Perhaps these looks weren't intended for me. I think ladies of colour would look gorgeous in some of these.

But on the brighter side, the palette contains lots of different products, thanks to which you may create a number of complete looks. It comes with a primer, 16 eyeshadows of different finishes (matte, irridescent, 
frost, irridescent with glitter, matte with glitter), 2 bronzers (both irridescent), 2 blushes (one glittery, one irridescent), one highlighter, a double-sided brush (flat eyeshadow brush + sponge applicator) and 3 lookbook cards.

Let's take a closer look on all the products. 

In the Buff in an off-white matte shade. A bit hard and sheer when applied. If you're looking for a pure white eyeshadow, this one won't do. But it's fine to be used as an all-over-the-lid eyeshadow base.

Peach Fuzz is a very light peach with plenty of golden shimmer. The shimmer is more pronounced than the peach shade. The base shade is almost invisible on my skin, it blends in so well.

Copper Peony surprised me with its name cause I didn't see anything peony about it until I applied it. On my lids it turned out to be bright copper with pink undertones.Irridescent finish.

Teddy Bear is one of my favourite eyeshadows in this collection. Beautiful mid-tone brown, with slight taupe undertones. Matte finish. Applies smoothly and blends really well, doesn't look too dry like some matte eyeshadows do.

Marshmallow is a frosty light beige with strong yellow undertones. Very soft and tends to apply patchily. I don't know how to describe this precisely, but the consistency is of millions of tiny flecks which instead of going on smoothly looks like separate flecks of shimmer. I had the same issue with some irridescent eyeshadows from Sleek palettes. Marshmallow is definitely too shimmery for a decent highlighter. One of the looks suggested this shade as an all-over-the-lid base, I tried this out and I looked as if I was trying to recreate some kind of late 70s /early 80s Debbie Harry kind of looks.

Lovey Dovey is another favourite of mine. Dark chocolate brown, with slight reddish tones and pretty shimmer. Not terribly unique, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Gum Drop is a bubble gum pink, not as bright in practice as in the pan. Irridescent with silver glitter. Looked quite decent even on me, didn't make me look as if I'd cried my eyes out.

Malted Milk Ball is a pretty mid-tone brown, kind of similar to Teddy Bear but this one is irridescent.

Satin Sheets looks very definitely like light pink but it reads as golden, slightly peachy shimmer. Nothing pink about it at all.

Nice stems! is yellow-toned green. Or pea green as we would say here, in Poland. Irridescent.

Honeymoon is very similar to Satin Sheets, seems like the peach undertones were replaced with yellow-green ones.

Pastille is a very dark forest green, irridescent finish with glitter. The glitter doesn't really transfer onto the lid. I like this shade of green very much, even though it verged on black.

Nice ash is an anthracite colour which leans towards navy blue but when blended out it starts to look like matte anthracite.

Cherry Cola is definitely the most unique shade here, and one of my favourites. It's a burgundy-brown shade, matte with glitter. The glitter doesn't really transfer onto the lid, so we get another matte shade in this selection. The shade is very pretty, but the texture could be creamier and softer. It doesn't apply and blend as well as it should.

Cop a Teal is a very pretty navy blue with slight teal undertones. Irridescent.

Black Sugar is a matte black with shimmer. Very similar to Beautymark from my beloved the Return of Sexy palette, the difference being that black Sugar is harder, more chalky.

As I've said before, the palette contains 2 bronzers. I really like the lighter one called Sun Bunny Light which is a good match for paler complexions. It's irridescent but looks very nice and fresh on my face.
Exclusive Bronzer is a tad darker yet very wearable. Again it's irridescent and seems to contain minuscule particles of glitter, it's more shimmery than Sun Bunny Light but does not contain any pronounced glitter.

The two blushes are La Vie en Rose (pink with gold glitter and rather poor pigmentation, which is not always a bad thing cause it gives you more control over the application of such bright shades but not in this case) and Papa Don't Peach, which is a rather dark peach shade with brownish undertones and pearly finish, which looks like very pretty glow.

And the Candlelight Glow highlighter is a pretty warm neutral beige with gold shimmers. I don't wear highlighters often cause they don't go well with my oily skin, but I'll definitely reach for this one when I feel I need to add some glow to my skin.

To sum up, I believe this palette has many drawbacks but it is definitely a very pretty gift box. It just screams Christmas and who cares whether it's practical or not. It's not meant to be!

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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