Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Too Faced The Return of Sexy palette review

I've had The Return of Sexy palette for quite a while now but I've postponed  writing a post about it till Halloween cause there's definitely something very gothic about the packaging which (call me a weirdo) looks like a minature coffin to me. Very pretty, but I'd definitely change the palette name into something more mood-appropriate. The Return of Sexy just doesn't seem right.

Before ordering the palette I saw it on numerous films on YouTube and it never occured to me that the design would suit my taste so much.
What attracted me to the palette was actually the fact that it consists of three independent, self-contained palettes with which you may create countless looks. These palettes look very similar to Guerlain ones which always make me drool but they are sooo expensive so I never buy them.
The Return of Sexy comes with a gorgeous eyeliner pencil which definitely needs a separate review and the Shadow Insurance eye primer and hidden behind the mirror, a set of  cards prompting the less imaginative users like me how to mix and match the shadows.
Upon opening I was a bit put off with the amount of shimmer in the palette and the warm tones of the browns didn't seem to match my complexion. All my doubts disappeared in the moment of application. I fell madly in love with the palette and there's absolutely nothing I don't like about it.
It's true that the palette is full of shimmer and sparkle but this shimmer somehow melts into the eye lids and never looks over the top.
The quality of the eyeshadows is truly amazing. They are all creamy and soft, cling to the eyelids well and blend beautifully. They are highly pigmented and retain their colour when applied over other shadows so they never turn muddy when blended, you can clearly see how one shade melts into another.  
And I don't think I need to say that when appplied over a primer these shadows last all day without fading or creasing.

Names of all the shadows are listed on the reverse of the box so I'll use them to refer to the individual shades.

Naive (top) is a pale yellowish beige, very frosty. In the pan seems to contain micro sparkle which doesn't translate onto swatches.
Ingenue(vertical left) is a brown shade with khaki undertones. The finish is glittery, it feels glittery to touch but it doesn't look like a typical glitter when applied. 
Innocent (centre) is a warm-toned brown with irridescent finish. I absolutely love this eyeshadow!
New In Town (right) is a gold shimmer.
Casting Couch (horizontal bottom) is rich dark chocolate brown with shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful browns I've seen. Amazing colour payoff, looks true to the pan when applied over other eyeshadows. Never loses its chocolatey intensity!
l to r: Naive, Ingenue, Innocent, New In Town, Casting Couch

Pink Diamond is a pinkish beige highlight of satiny matte finish.
Icon is a very interesting shade, mid-tone purple with hints of pink and yellow. Irridescent finish.
Divorcee is a warm-toned, slightly brownish gray with shimmer.
Hopeless Romantic is a vivid reddish purple, again, with irridescent shimmer.
Primadonna is a very dark plum purple with reddish micro sparkle. This one is less creamy than other eyeshadows.

l to r: Pink Diamond, Icon, Divorcee, Hopeless Romantic, Primadonna
Here's what they look like combined:

7 Year Itch is a very frosty neutral beige highligh colour.
Bombshell is mid-toned silver with frosty shimmer.
Hollywood is a shimmery anthracite.
Maneater is a surprising shade in this colour selection. It's a warm shimmery taupe among cool tones. Surprisingly enough it looks really pretty as a crease colour.Of course you may also combine it with other shades in the palette.
Beautymark is a pitch black with silver glitter which is quite sparse and tiny so it isn't pronounced very much.

l to r: 7 Year Itch, Bombshell, Hollywood, Maneater, Beautymark

And a typical look made using all of these shadows:

As I've said, there's nothing I dislike about the palette, it seems perfect in all respects.
This palette is definitely intended for home use. It's too large and too heavy to be carried around in a handbag.

In their creaminess the eyeshadows resemble those by Sleek (eg. the Bad Girl palette) but they blend and apply far better.

This palette is my first encounter with Too Faced and I know that our relationship has only just began.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. i totally want this palette but i know that i won't need it :(

    1. hahaha, I didn't need it either but now it's one of my favoutite palettes!