Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Korean goodies: Migabee Bee Venom & Honey Cream review

I love honey and all bee-related products immediately attract my attention. 
According to the product description Migabee Bee Venom and Honey Cream is rich in bee venom, propolis, honey and royal jelly. Couldn't have beed better, huh? It's supposed to moisturise, soothe, brighten and treat fine lines.

The cream has a weird, slightly muddy colour and a sort of natural smell, which makes me feel this indeed is
packed with all the natural goodness.
The consistency is lightweight, almost gel-like. The cream absorbs instantly, making my skin feel tight, which is good for my oily skin and enlarged pores, but I'm really not sure whether dry skin types would enjoy it. This is a lovely day cream for my skin type, but it doesn't seem moisturising and nourishing enough at night time. The manufacturer recommends mixing this cream with a couple of drops of ampoule or facial oil to create an overnight pack. I do so, and this concoction gives me lovely, smooth skin in the morning, but I have my reservations about products which need something else to give them a push and make them work. A good cream should do wonders on its own, shouldn't it?

All in all, if you have oily skin and are looking for a day moisturiser, you won't regret this purchase.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette: review and swatches

I was partly disappointed with the Smashbox Double Exposure palette predecessor(Full Exposire) when it was released a couple of years back, nonetheless its younger sister lured me with its selection of sultry purples and blues and the possibility to vary the eyeshadows intensity by applying them wet.

The palette,  made of rubberised cardboard, which tends to attract dust, contains 14 eyeshadows and a double-ended brush, which is actually really good. The names of the shadows appear on the bottom of the palette and there's also a leaflet which informs us how the colour changes when mixed with water. There's also a manual which tells us how to apply eyeshadows on eyes of different shapes.
I found out that I prefer to use these eyeshadows dry, they blended well and offered sultry, but saturated wash of colour. Applied wet, they looked more intense, but turned patchy and kind of clumpy.
I'm definitely more attracted to the left side of the palette as pinky peaches and warm browns aren't really my cup of tea.

Here's a more thorough analysis of the palette and my rating:

1. Self sufficiency: The palette definitely is self-sufficient.
 2. Variety of shades: There's a whole varitey of shades, ranging from neutrals to purples and blues.
3. Variety of finishes: Not only are there sparkles, shimmers and mattes, but also they change their intensity when applied with a wet brush.
4. Variety of looks is unlimited. You can get your a basic, neutral looks and also get a pop of colour without getting overboard. 
5. Pigmentation varies, but it isn't bad at all. And of course it increases when the eyeshadows are applied wet.
6. Uniqueness: This palette is unique in terms of  the colour selection, though I must say that some of them are very similar. What's more it's the quite rare wet & dry formula. 
7. Performance: The quality of the eyeshadows differs. The mattes and sparkles tend to be dry and chalky, but others perform really well.  
8. Packaging is nice and handy, not too heavy to travel with, though there's a risk of incidental opening. I love the brush, which does work like professional brushes do.
9. Availability: Sephora, online 
10. Value for money: This palette isn't cheap by any means, but it's a great value for money, considering what you get.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Max Factor Lipstick in Burnt Caramel #745 review & swatches

I'm generally a red lip fan, but I believe every woman needs a selection of nudes for everyday occassions, when intimidating other people with your strong and dominant character embodied in a red lip might not be a good idea (think parents' meeting, think grocery shopping in a village shop). 

The thing with the nudes is that what suits others and is raved about by beauty bloggers may not be your cup of tea. With my pink complexion I struggle hard to find the right shade for me. Those that go well with my skin tone are beiges or browns with pink or mauve undertone. Max Factor  lipstick in #745 Burnt Caramel is one of such shades. 

This drugstore lipstick comes in a classy matte gold packaging with a base that reveals the shade, so if you have more of those lipsticks you can easily pick the shade you want. The bullet is embossed with the company logo, which looks adorable and high-end.

The lipstick is super creamy and offers wonderful coverage. It feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips. The finish is kind of satin, but when applied over a lip liner it looks almost matte.

It's a beautiful, high quality lipstick for about a half of Sephora prices.