Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Korean goodies: Migabee Bee Venom & Honey Cream review

I love honey and all bee-related products immediately attract my attention. 
According to the product description Migabee Bee Venom and Honey Cream is rich in bee venom, propolis, honey and royal jelly. Couldn't have beed better, huh? It's supposed to moisturise, soothe, brighten and treat fine lines.

The cream has a weird, slightly muddy colour and a sort of natural smell, which makes me feel this indeed is
packed with all the natural goodness.
The consistency is lightweight, almost gel-like. The cream absorbs instantly, making my skin feel tight, which is good for my oily skin and enlarged pores, but I'm really not sure whether dry skin types would enjoy it. This is a lovely day cream for my skin type, but it doesn't seem moisturising and nourishing enough at night time. The manufacturer recommends mixing this cream with a couple of drops of ampoule or facial oil to create an overnight pack. I do so, and this concoction gives me lovely, smooth skin in the morning, but I have my reservations about products which need something else to give them a push and make them work. A good cream should do wonders on its own, shouldn't it?

All in all, if you have oily skin and are looking for a day moisturiser, you won't regret this purchase.

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