Monday, 31 March 2014

Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water review

When I was adding a sample of Melvita Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water to my basket, I thought it was some kind of organic perfume or body mist. It turned out that the ambiguous name signifies a toner.
The theory behind this product is that this organic orange blossom water is enriched with hyaluronic acid and when applied at pre-moisturiser stage of your skincare routine it's supposed to make your skin moisturised and soft and gently scented.

The product has watery gel consistency that is easy to apply with a cotton pad or bare hands. It has a nice scent and I suppose it does leave my skin feeling soft and fresh. The question is 'do I need a product like this'? Well, if you're a toner-user then I'd say yes. It's a lovely product that doesn't cause dryness or skin irritations. But if toners never did anything good to you, this one won't be the miraculous one to convince you about the need to have such products in your stash.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary sample for my personal use and I'm not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my personal opinion. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

L'Oreal True Match foundation and powder #C3 review & swatches + L'Oreal True Match vs Armani Luminous Silk battle

L'Oreal True Match Foundation #C3

I have no idea how long L'Oreal True Match foundation has been on the market, but it has suddenly started receiving countless enthusiastic reviews from beauty bloggers. Encouraged even more by the TV commercial
that stressed such shade variety and colour matching properties of the foundation that every woman would something for herself, I made my way to the nearest drugstore that was offering this foundation with a 40% discount. I was quite unpleasantly surprised at first to notice that the shade range available in Poland is more than limited. The shades I oscillated around had the wrong undertone or were either too dark or too light.

Finally I settled for #C3 Rose Beige. This shade definitely has strong cool undertones and when blended at the back of my hand it looks horrendously pink, as if my skin was burnt or irritated, but somehow on my face and neck it looks perfect. The colour match is fine and the foundation adjusts to the skin tone and blends in perfectly. 
This foundation offers medium coverage, of course you can always slap on more, but then it'll lose part of its charm. I find that one pump is more than enough to cover my entire face. The product glides on my face beautifully and blends evenly no matter what tool I use. I absolutely adore the healthy satin finish it offers, neither too matte nor too glowy for my oily skin.
 It does transfer a lot, my phone looks like horrible mess, if I don't set it with powder, though there's no direct need to do so as far as the appearance of the foundation on my face is concerned.
The foundation doesn't last all day but long enough to give me a chance to touch up with some less translucent powder.

In spite of a couple of very minor drawbacks, I must say this is a beautiful foundation and it deserves every positive comment it gets. What's more, if you get it on offer, it's one of the most affordable, high quality foundations in the market.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation #C3

I was so amazed at the quality of the True Match foundation that I thought I'd pair it with True Match powder, hoping it would be just as good. But it turned out to be a kind of meh product for me.

L'Oreal True Match Powder #C3

First of all, I really hate the packaging. It's made of lightweight, cheap and tacky plastic that gets scratched very easily. The compact consists of two compartments, the top one with a transparent lid contains the powder, and the bottom one has a mirror and a horrible and useless puff. The puff is way too small, it fits the size of the compact really badly. It's about 1cm shorter than the side of the pan and it just gets tossed ridiculously from side to side. And I don't think I need to mention that it's simply too small to be used all over the face. What's more it's impossible to powder your face and look in the mirror at the same time. You need to pick some powder, close the upper compartment, open the bottom one and use the mirror and then repeat all these activities if a need arises.
You may say that nobody uses tools attached to such compacts and a bathroom mirror is much more suitable than the small one in the lid, but I happen to be the person who bought this particular powder for touch ups on the go, to pair it with my foundation and now I need to carry a separate brush and a mirror to use the powder.

L'Oreal True Match Powder #C3

What about the powder itself?
The shade I picked is C3 as I thought it would match my foundation. It's a bit too dark for the time being, but that's all right as I usually get some tan in spring and it'll match my skin tone better then. In the picture above it looks very yellow, while in the one below it's much more cool-toned. In reality it seems to be a fairly neutral light beige shade. In direct sunlight I detect slight shimmer, but I can't see this on my face.

L'Oreal True Match Powder #C3

This powder is very soft and powdery, but not sheer, which means that it's best to tap the excess off the brush and very lightly sweep it where needed or it may turn cakey on the skin, especially the oilier types like mine.
I've said that it's a kind of 'meh' product for me, by which I mean it's not bad at all, but there's also nothing special about it. It works all right, I like to use it in places where my foundation tends to wear off quickly, like around my nose. I also sweep it all over to set my foundation or mattify my skin on the go, but it doesn't have any oil control properties.

L'Oreal True Match Powder #C3

I would say that this is a decent powder if you get it for a fraction of its original price, which I did. But I would think twice before getting it at full price.
And the quality of this powder certainly does not match its liquid foundation counterpart!

L'Oreal True Match Powder #C3

So many people claimed True Match foundation was a dupe of Armani Luminous Silk that I really needed to compare these two. I got a generous sample from Douglas perfumerie and started the process of trying these out. I put them to a most reliable test, applying them one to one side of my face, the other one to another. And guess what???? The difference is minimal, if any.
I tested Armani Luminous Silk in shade #5, which I won't deny matches my skin tone better. But as far as the consistency, feel, application and finish are concerned, the two foundations are identical. Maestro seemed to have ever more slightly better coverage, but I found its smell quite repulsive, there was something plasticky about it and it reminded me of the scent of Make Up For Ever cream eyeshadows. The scent was imperceptible on my skin, however.
I'm quite sceptical when bloggers call something a dupe. Very often only the packaging or the concept is similar, but the two products compared hardly resemble one another. But in case of L'Oreal True Match and Armani Luminous Silk foundations I can vouchsafe the two products are quite the same. There's certainly no need to get both, if I were to choose I'd consider my budget and the possibility of getting a better colour match, but there really is no need to splurge.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette review & swatches

Today I'd like to review my favourite eyeshadow palette of late, which is Too Faced Chocolate Bar.
I've never been disappointed with any product by Too Faced, but their packaging sometimes verges on very bad taste. All those pink gorly boxes don't always appeal to my personal taste, but this time I simply found the idea for the palette irresistible.
It comes in a brown metal box that immitates a chocolate bar and when you open it the first thing that'll strike you that the eyeshadows actually smell like chocolate, not like something artificial pretending to smell like chocolate, but like the real one. The story behind this product is that it actually contains cocoa powder, but how much of this is true I do not know.  

The eyeshadows inside are mostly consistent with the theme of chocolate, representing different kinds of chocolate or praline products, which in practice means countless varieries of browns plus two highlighters, one pink and one purple eyeshadow.
What we get here is a wide variery of undertones and finishes from warm peachy shades to cooler-toned taupes and from mattes to glitters.

The quality, ease of application and performance differs from one eyeshadow to another.
The matte eyeshadows are fabulous. They're neither chalky nor powdery, they are insanely pigmented, glide on like butter, which is quite unusual for mattes, and blend beautifully. My absolute favourites are Semi-sweet, Milk Chocolate and Triple Fudge.
The shimmers are just as amazing, I'm not raving about them that much simply because good shimmers aren't as unique as well-performing matte eyeshadows. I absolutely adore the bottom row ones, especially Hazelnut, Creme Brulee and Haute Chocolate.

I don't quite like the glitters. They have dry and chalky matte base and glitter particles that do not cling to the eyeshadows well. These shadows produce lots of fall out and the glitter lands all over the face. The only way to make them work is to pat them over an eyeshadow base without blending. 
The biggest disappointment is Candied Violet. First of all the shade looks completely different in real life than in the pictures taken by my fellow bloggers. It's a muted violet shade with pink glitter, whereas it seemed almost cobalt to me. The shade itself is very pretty, but the quality is worse than that of many very low end drugstore products. Try as I might, I just can't make it work for me at all.

Another downside of this palette is that the eyeshadows are so creamy that they crease on me even though I use high quality bases underneath. Some of them do so within a matter of 4-5 hours. This is unusual as no other eyeshadows crease on me that quickly and that badly. 

In spite of these pretty serious drawbacks this palette is one of my favourites ever. It hardly ever happens that I like and use almost every single shade. All shades are perfectly wearable on all complexions and give you an opportunity to create a wide variety of looks, ranging from everyday neutrals to dramatic smokeys. The packaging and the chocolate scent also play an important role, making it such a pleasure to touch and use the product. 

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polish in #140 Rockstar Pink review & swatches

I wear nail polish on daily basis and am a proud owner of an extensive nailpolish collection, but only 5 or 6 of those polishes are glitters. I hardly ever wear them, they just don't call my fancy, I hate removing them and so on. But it happens from time to time that I simply cannot resist getting one.

I wasn't planning on getting any polish at all, just wondering down the aisle when my eyes fell on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish in #140 Rockstar Pink and I was mesmerised. I just couldn't leave the shop without it!

Rockstar Pink is packed with tiny multicolour glitter particles. The dominant tone is purple, but there's also pink and blue and turquoise and red and green and gold and silver and probably something else as well. This is by far the most opaque glitter I've ever seen. On my nail swatches below you can see one coat and I've never worn this polish over no base varnish but I'm most certain that with two coats it would be fully opaque and could be worn on its own. What I also love about it is that it looks great both reflecting night lights and during a dull gray day, which doesn't happen often with glitters. 
A top coat is essential as it adds shine and makes the drying process faster.
I tend to use this polish to refresh my faded and chipping 3-4 days old nails and it prolongs my polish weat time to over a week.
Here it is over Calvin Klein Caught Red Handed: 
And here over China Glaze Don't Make me Wine

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-ageing & Radiance night cream review

I don't tend to spend a fortune on skincare, the main reason is that I don't think there's any direct connection between the price and the quality. I've used many really cheap drugstore creams that were just as good or even better, what was lacking was the splendour factor that usually manifests itself in fancy packaging, glamorous, ever young faces of the campaign, deep scientific theory behind the product. But with Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-aging & Radiance night cream you could instantly feel the difference. I'd never used anything by the brand before and actually hadn't heard much about it except the fact that it was a French pharmacy brand. Or maybe not even pharmacy, just French. What I want to say is that I was kind of blind testing, having no expectations or prejudices.

The consistency of the cream seemed rather thick at first, but it turned out to be incredibly smooth and lightweight. It applied effortlessly and absorbed instantly, leaving no greasy residue on my skin and on my pillow. This cream is defined as 'light rebirth overnight' and that's exactly what it is like. My skin felt so nice and pampered in the morning that I felt the urgent need to get it full-size. This particular cream was unavailable on feelunique website, where I got my sample from, but I had a glance at other products within the range and the price was hard for me to swallow. I'm not giving up, though, just waiting for some massive sale to get my hands on this cream.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary sample for my personal use and I'm not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my personal opinion. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rosa Tous EDP review

I remember the time in my childhood when wearing rose perfume was an epitome of bad taste. Rose essences, which were popular then, smelled like rose petal jam my grandma used to make and stuff her pastries with.
Much has changed since that time, rose perfumes got new bottom notes, new bottles, new brand names and with this face lift they entered a much more sophisticated market. 
 And I must admit that as years went by I found out that I actually liked rosy scents. I currently own Couleurs by Kenzo and Chloe Roses and Diptique Eau Rose are on my wishlist. The thing is that most of those rosy scents are almost the same and while they all seem lovely, I don't see the point of owning all of them at the same time.

Tous Rosa, however, is totally different.
The first impression is that it's another attempt to lock roses in a bottle, but soon after that strong musky and sweet vanilla notes take over. I really like this perfume as it is a completely different take on a topic that seems so cliche, but I would prefer it to be less sweet overall.
I feel this perfume doesn't last more than two to three hours on my skin, but on my clothes it survives pretty much until the end of the day.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary sample for my personal use and I'm not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my personal opinion. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Guerlain Terracotta 4 SeasonsTailor-made Bronzing Powder #00 Nude review & swatches

I've been recently undergoing a face contouring phase, which means increased interest in highlighters and bronzers.
Finding an appropriate bronzer for someone as pale as me in winter is almost an impossible task, but I believe Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-made Bronzing Powder in shade 00 Nude is one of the best matches I can ever hope for.  

This truly classy product comes in a gorgeous compact wrapped in a beautiful dark brown velvet pouch. The lid is made of something resembling a magnifying glass lens through which you can see the brand logo. The manufacturer also attached instructions on how to use the products and which combination of shades makes the best match for pale skin for the right season of the year, though, of course, you need to adjust that to your own skin type or swirl all the shades together if you want to avoid fuss.

As you can see the compact consists of four colours that can be used together or separately to achieve different results. 
The one in the top left corner is a pale peachy powder shade that is barely visible on my skin. 
In the top right corner you'll find a slightly cooler shade of fair bronzer shade.
In the bottom left corner is equally fair warmer bronzer shade, which is recommended for the summer season.
And in the bottom right corner there is a warm pink shade with very slight shimmer that can be used as a blush or to add pinky glow to your complexion when swirled together with all the other shades.

I love this product and have been reaching for it every day since I got it. But this does not mean that this product isn't flawless. 
So let me start with the DRAWBACKS:

1. When the product arrives it's got some kind of weird overpray on top, almost like plastic foil. You need some really prickly, stiff brush with natural bristles to scrape this layer off and get to the actual powder, otherwise you'll get no more pigmentation than from the plastic display thing that symbolises the real product.

2.  The shades are really, really fair, so it's recommended only for the palest of beauties, I can pull it off only in winter.

3. Not only is this bronzer very fair, but also very sheer.

4. You definitely can't use this for contouring or sculpting your face. This is your overall bronzer.

5. Very pricey.

And now on to the reasons WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH:
1. Being fair and sheer this product is easy and foolproof to use. It adds very natural healthy glow to my face without looking unnaturally dark or yellow.

2. Due to the fact that it contains the blusher shade, the blend of all of these shades together imitates my natural pinkish kind of tan and matches my skin type perfectly.

3. This is a versatile bronzer. The bronzer shades are matte, while the pink one contains a tiny bit of shimmer. This means you can decide whether you prefer your bronzer to be on the warmer or cooler side and also whether you want a bit of shimmer or not.

4. Doubles as a very pretty blush.

5. It's travel-friendly as you've got your blush and bronzer in one pan.

6. The packaging is to die for.

7. This bronzer smells gorgeous. I know that some people may consider this a strong disadvantage, but for me it's part of the product's charm. I don't have sensitive skin, it doesnt't break me out and it's such a pleasure to use something that smells so good.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Monday, 24 March 2014

L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara in Midnight Blacks review

When Mr Hubby strongly objected to me getting a Chanel mascara I felt determined to prove him wrong and show to him that instead of getting one pricey, but good mascara, I would keep looking for something decent in the drugstore until I spend just as much money as the high end would cost.

It's true that instead of getting one Le Volume de Chanel I bought a couple of drugstore mascaras, but I must say that the results of my search surprised me greatly and I managed to find one of the best mascaras I've ever used. 

L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara, aka False Lash Flutter in the UK, or Voluminous Butterfly in the USA, has the weirdest wand I've seen in my life.  It's not as massive as many applicators these days, but it's got the most peculiar shape. It has regular rows of spikes, not very densely located, with two rows that consist of bristles that grow gradually longer towards the base of the applicator. Thanks to this shape and the thick, yet not dry formula of the mascara, the brush applies a thick coat of mascara while simultaneously brushing through the lashes, separating and fanning them out in the most beautiful way. When you rotate the brush, it gets way smaller in diameter and allows you to reach bottom lashes without too much effort. The effect is full, voluminous lashes that I love so much.

I haven't noticed any major smudging. The mascara has passed my 'nap test' with decent notes. However, this mascara is not without its flaws. I've noticed some crumbling and flaking under my eyes and the mascara sometimes transfers onto my upper lid in high temperatures, when my skin becomes oily and sticky.
I can't say much about this mascara holding a curl as my lashes are naturally fairly curly and flexible and all mascaras curl them nicely, no matter whether I use my curlers or not.

A couple weeks after I bought this mascara I spotted a waterproof version in my local drugstore and I decided to try it out to see if the super volumised effect is the same and if the waterproof formula is truly waterproof and will come in handy when splashing in water in the summer and whether it eliminates the flaking.

The waterproof formula seems quite different to me. It dries very fast to a rather inflexible crust that makes it hard to add more coats. I managed to apply two coats for a fairly decent volume and without sticking all my lashes together. The mascara survived until the end of the day in tip-top condition with no smudging nor flaking. To my surprise it wasn't a pain to remove using my cleansing balm. I have a strong suspicion we will remain friends for a long, long time.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque review

When I was opening my Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque I expected a typical clay mask that would smell like some kind of herbal medicine.
Although I was not mistaken about the smell, this mask turned out to be different from other clay masks that I've used. Kaolin is the second ingredient, yet it applies and feels like rich moisturising masks, it's smooth and creamy. During the 15 minutes of wearing the mask it dries and forms clay crust on the face, but it's not too tight and doesn't feel unpleasant as other clay masks sometimes do.
I really liked how pure my skin felt afterwards. I have oily skin and generally enjoy all clay masks as they seem to help me control the oil balance, but this one also provided smoothing and moisturising benefits. 
It's a lovely mask and if it was available in sachets I'd but it from time to time. 

Disclaimer: I received this product as a complimentary sample for my personal use and I'm not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my personal opinion. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder in Medium Light review & swatches

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder

The new Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder may not look like much, but it is one of my favourite powders ever.
It comes in a transparent plastic jar with a metallic brownish lid that bears the company logo. It's simple, but also very pretty.
The sifter inside has only a couple of holes, which means you don't need to unseal only half of the sifter or worry to see clouds of powder when you open the jar. This is both very convenient or practical.
There's no sponge or puff, so I guess you're meant to use a brush with this powder, though a puff usually comes in handy when travelling as it works as a stopper and prevents powder from getting out.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder

I picked this powder in the shade Medium Light, which according to the manufacturer's description matches the Naked Skin foundation that I use, which in turn matches my skin very well. 
I was startled when I opened the lid and saw this fairly dark, yellowish powder inside. It's darker than most of my bronzers! Fortunately this powder is very sheer and is barely visible on my skin. It looks great, but it combination with certain foundations looks a bit too dark. The shade will be perfect for my skin tone in the summer, but I suppose I'll get the fairest shade before next winter comes to match my paleness in the dullest months of the year.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder

As far as the powder itself is concerned, it claims to blur all flaws, lines, pores and imperfections and it certainly does. As you can see in the swatch above, you can barely see the powder, but my skin's porous texture is softened in the centre and that's where the powder is. The same thing happens then you dust it on your face. Pores and lines and other imperfections do not disappear but they fade, get dissolved and no longer attract attention. What replaces them is perfect-looking skin, quite velvety matte, yet fresh, glowy and healthy. This powder is very lightweight and you can barely feel it on your face. 
This powder belongs to the family of white HD powders, the difference being that this one is tinted, which is better as white powders turn ashy or ghostly pale on some skin types.

All in all, there's nothing I dislike about this powder apart from the fact that the lightest shade would suit my complexion better.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Karmajeu Natural Konjac Sponge review

When I saw a konjac sponge in my Glossybox I literally jumped with joy. I'd been thinking of getting one from Korea or China and before I managed to make up my mind it arrived at my doorstep.

If you're unfamiliar with what a Konjac sponge is, read the information leaflet below as it seems to list all important facts about the product.

When the sponge arrived it was very dry and hard so it needed to be soaked in water for some 3 minutes to turn spongey and relatively soft, however, it does return to this state of pumice-like dryness each time I stop using it for a couple of days.

I'm not sure what to think about this sponge, actually.
Although I know it's made entirely of natural fibres, it kind of feels against my skin like an anti-cellulite massage sponge wrapped in a plastic bag.  
I always use it in combination with a cleanser and it obviously does cleanse my skin well, just like the cleanser alone would. It's true this sponge massages the skin, but to be honest I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin's condition. I don't think my skin is tightened or exfoliated or less red. 

I also have doubts about how hygenic this is. I'm not talking about using a larger-sized product as your bath sponge, but about using it on my face for three months solid, even if I sanitize it weekly with boiling water. I use this sponge to remove my make-up before going to bed, which means it gets all messy from contact with my foundation and eye make-up. No matter how much I was it after each use, the sponge has changed its colour after about a week and has remained looking quite gross ever since. 

Together with this sponge I received a discount coupon, entitling me to one complimentary sponge if I bought three and in my initial excitement I fully intended to realise it, but now I think I could do without the sponge just as well and I don't think I will ever purchase the sponge with my own funds.

EDIT: Just after writing this review, within a month of starting to use this product on non-daily basis the outer layer cracked in the middle, revealing the insides. It landed in the bin, leaving me feeling disappointed and happy I didn't order any more of these.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Circle Lenses Dueba Natural 3 tones gray and blue review & pics

It's been a while since I last bought any Korean contact lenses, but finally the time has come to replace the last pair from my previous haul, so I picked 3 new pairs, two of which I'd like to show you today.
First of all, the packaging is a bit confusing cause I ordered Dueba lenses, but what arrived were The Dolly Eye ones, which apparently were the Dueba ones sold under a different brand name.

Both pairs I ordered (grey and blue) are 14.5mm in diameter, which makes them easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. They both have a 3-tone design with light brown in the centre, blue or grey in the middle and black limbal ring. Thanks to this design they blend well with my natural eye colour and offer a slight, yet natural enlargement. The centre of the lens is transparent enough to let my natural eye colour peek through.

 The gray ones look very natural on my eyes, the shade in the centre is pretty fair so it makes my eyes 1-2 tones lighter than they originally are. These are very pretty and look good on all kinds of occassions. 

When I opened my second pair, the blue ones, I was startled at first to see the intense, almost turquoise blue shade. I thought there was no way these would be wearable on my blue-gray-green eyes. 

However, when I put them on they adopted a kind of very deep sapphire tone which I really like. This is a kind of non-obvious shade that isn't instantly noticeable but adds definition to my eyes. Really very pretty. I find it impossible, though, to predict what these would look like on brown or black eyes. These certainly aren't the kind of lenses that will turn black eyes into blue.

Both pairs are incredibly comfortable, durable and also very pretty. They don't offer any mad enlargement not substantial change of colour, but they make a wonderful alternative for the clear prescription lenses I wear on daily basis.
I'm going to order also brown and green ones when I have some spare funds.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

NYX Color Mascara in blue review & pics

Each spring/summer I crave for a blue mascara so when I saw this new NYX Color Mascara I immediately wanted to give it a go.

I immediately fell in love with its vibrant cobalt blue shade, but unfortunately there's nothing revolutionary or fanciful about this product apart from its colour.

The mascara comes in a simple, bright blue packaging that reflects the thade inside perfectly well. The wand is the traditional spoolie that we've been using for decades. Its average size makes it easy to reach both bottom and upper lashes and distributes the product evenly, without massive clumping.

The formula is on the wet side and tends to transfer before it dries.

The shade is just as I wanted it to be, but generally the mascara is of rather poor quality. 
To achieve the definition and vibrancy that you can see in the picture below I applied more than 5 coats. With one coat the mascara barely shows at all. 
It's also nothing-proof or resistant, which means it smudges upon any contact with water or my undereye concealer and gives me sickly-looking blue panda eyes.It's easy to remove, though.

It's a good budget buy if you want to experiment with the shade that seems so 'in' this season, but if you're looking for a good quality mascara that won't fail you, give this one a miss.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.