Tuesday, 4 March 2014

project empties #10

My empties this time consist of skincare products and two make-up items that I didn't use up, but decided to get rid of.
Number 1. is Origins Gin Zing eye cream It wasn't appropriate for someone of my age. Didn't moisturise enough and attracted attention to my eye area by its pearlescent glistening finish. Good for people in their twenties.
2. Origins A Perfect World moisturiser was a lovely face cream that I would definitely recommend as a day  cream for dry skin types, for me it served as a perfect night cream. One day I will repurchase.
3. Eve Lom Cleanser was probably the most disappointing product of 2013. Cheap ingredients, average results and no beneficial influence for a price that is hard to explain.
4. Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub was one of my favourite body scrubs ever. Emolient, but not greasy, smelled nice, dissolved in water, left no residue neither on my skin not on my bath.  I've already ordered another body scrub by Soap & Glory, hoping it'll be just as good.
5. I really liked The Body Shop Ginger and Sparkle body butter at first only to discover for the first time in my life that this didn't agree with my body chemistry and smelled really unpleasant on me. The quality of the product was superb, so I continued to use it, but mostly as a hand or foot cream.
6. The Body Shop Ginger & Sparkle shower gel, on the other hand, was a different story. Nice and refreshing and lasted for over a month.
7. And finally two make-up products I decided to throw away. 
One of them is Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature 3 in 1 pencil in Brun, which I liked at first, but then I got many other much softer and better pencils that when I reached for it after a couple of months of disuse I discovered it was actually quite painful to apply and down the bin it went.
The second product is Avon Mega Effects mascara with the weirdest wand imaginable that made application so time consumong and difficult that I simply lost my patience with the product.

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