Thursday, 12 September 2013

Avon Mega Effects mascara in Blackest Black review

When I first saw the pictures of Avon Mega Effects mascara I knew this was not meant for me. Imagine my surprise and moxed feelings when I discovered it on the bottom of my Glossybox. At first I didn't even want to try it out. I thought I'd have a giveaway to get rid of it without opening the box so that it wouldn't show any signs of tampering with it. 
But then my curiosity won.

The box, which said the shade was "the blackest black" revealed the weirdly-packaged mascara together with a detailed manual telling you how to open the mascara and how to apply it, which discouraged me once again. It reminded me of 'how to put a condom on' instruction leaflet and the whole procedure seemed soooo complicated that I thought the mascara was really not worth the effort. 
But once you let your curiosity prevail, there's no turning back.

The mascara comes in an innovative container, which steps away from the usual tubular shape and instead of having a long wand with a brush on top it looks more like an ice cream on a stick. The wand is much shorter and can be bent at an angle you find convenient to match your eye shape. I don't think that's necessary cause this short wand is easy to manouvre anyway and I don't find it any more comfortable when it's bent than when it's straight. 
What I find very practical is the squeezable bottom part. The plastic it's made of is quite flexible, almost rubber-like, and thanks to this it will be easy to scrape the remains of the mascara off the sides.

I was pretty much surprised to discover that the mascara actually works pretty well. I was able to reach every single lash with this weirdly-shaped applicator. One coat gave my lashes extreme length, which was particularly visible on my bottom lashes which I never thought were so long and dense. When I added one more coat of mascara I noticed that my lashes were nicely volumised.

What I really liked about the mascara is the wand. The fact that it's bent is not as important as its bristles that vary in length, size and thickness. They are able to reach all lashes and coat them top to bottom in one or two strokes.
The formula wears all day on my lashes without crumbling or chipping, though it smudged a bit under my eyes, but that's because the mascara made my bottom lashes illegally long, I believe.
I'm also pretty much surprised at how much I liked the packaging. It's small and travel-friendly while containing the same amount of product as other mascaras.

What I disliked was that the formula is very thin and if you aren't extra careful you'll stain everything around your lashline. Application of this mascara isn't foolproof and requires some learning.  You also need to allow some drying time before you look down or high up, otherwise all your mascara will end up under your eyes or on your brow bone.

All in all, I like this mascara more than I expected. I would even consider repurchasing if I didn't have buy it through a consultant, which I honestly dislike. 

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