Friday, 6 September 2013

Made in Poland: Inglot angled eyeliner/brow brushes #31T, #17TL review

After some trial and error I figured out that my favourite eyeliner and brow brushes are the angled ones. Good ones, however, are hard to get. 
That's why I was more than excited to discover these two little babies from Inglot. High quality, inexpensive, locally available, always in stock... I could go on and on cause I can't praise them enough.

31T is a fine brush made of 100% synthetic bristles called orange taklon. The brush is very flat but the bristles are firm and soft simultaneously, thanks to which you can draw ultra thin lines without the brush scratching your eyelids. The brush is an excellent tool to apply gel eyeliners, nothing makes such pretty winged eyes as thin angled brushes, this one included.
It can be also used on brows with waxes and cream products.
Using cream and waxy products requires washing on daily basis, which the brush stands sustaining no damage. I use this brush interchangeably with my other favourite Hakuro H85 and will definitely repurchase if this brush starts showing wear and tear symptoms.

17TL was recommended to me as a brow brush. It differs substantially from my other angled brow brushes as it's first of all made from a mix of natural bristles and taklon (which I don't notice among the bristles) and secondly it's thinner and less sturdy. It was not love at first sight, though. Initially I used it with brow wax and it turned out to be too feeble, giving me no control over the application. The bristles bent in half and the result was an uneven line, which after numerous corrections looked as if I tried to sport Cara Delevigne look with my almost bold arches.
Then I used this brush with my brow powder and a miracle happened. With the brush bristles being so soft it gave me the most natural look. The brush made the powder glide over the hairs without getting to the skin underneath, which I hate. I was able to subtly shape my brow without making it look done at all. I was the brush regularly and it never sheds a hair, it also returns to its original shape without effort, even including the one stray hair you can see in the picture below. No more stray hairs have appeared, though.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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