Friday, 13 September 2013

Roberto Cavalli Acqua EDT review

I love perfume so I was extremely excited to get this mini-product in my Glossybox a good couple of months ago.
Unfortunately, apart from the beautiful packaging, which screamed holiday on the beach there was nothing I liked about this scent.
I'm no good at describing fragrance, but this one reminded me of nothing, so I reached for the description to help me figure out what I'm supposed to smell and I found water, yasmine, lemon, lily of the valley and musk among the notes. I can't sense any of them. I'm familiar with all of them but I what does water smell like?
Call me weird, but the only association that this fragrance brings to my mind is balm, whatever it means. Something heavy and greasy. But, to my surprise, my hubby's associations were exactly the same.
The perfume is supposed to be a summer fragrance, but I find it very heavy and far from being refreshing.
What's more the fragrance doesn't last on my skin long, but does it really matter since I don't like it anyway?

All in all, this is by far the worst perfume I've ever used. It's not sophisticated at all, smells heavy but of nothing in particular, the only nice thing about is the bottle (though not exactly my taste either) and the fact that I got this little vial for free.

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