Saturday, 1 March 2014

Glossybox February 2014

I suddenly remembered today that I'd forgotten to share with you my disappointment with my Valentine-themed Glossy box. 
Before it arrived (on 13 February) Mr Hubby and I were making bets as to the contents of the box. We thought it would contain some tools of seduction like a lipstick, nail polish, eyelash curlers or false lashes, eyeliners, eyeshadows, a sample of some perfume etc. The only thing we disagreed about was the shade. Mr Hubby associated Valentines Day with red, which is my idea as well, but having seen a number of virginal pink tutorials before 14th February made me realise that other people may have a different idea of the art of seduction. 

So are you ready do discover what my Valentines goodies were? Here thet go:

The only product somehow related to the theme was 
Avon Aero Volume Mascara

And the remaining ones were:
Loreal 7 in 1 Saviour base coat
Me Me Me Organic night cream
Taft Keratin BlowDry Energiser (this product might be related to the theme as well)
Tolpa Botanic make-up remover.

This box isn't bad as such. I find all the products included pretty useful, but they don't represent the idea of Valentines Day in any way.

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