Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Guerlain Terracotta 4 SeasonsTailor-made Bronzing Powder #00 Nude review & swatches

I've been recently undergoing a face contouring phase, which means increased interest in highlighters and bronzers.
Finding an appropriate bronzer for someone as pale as me in winter is almost an impossible task, but I believe Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor-made Bronzing Powder in shade 00 Nude is one of the best matches I can ever hope for.  

This truly classy product comes in a gorgeous compact wrapped in a beautiful dark brown velvet pouch. The lid is made of something resembling a magnifying glass lens through which you can see the brand logo. The manufacturer also attached instructions on how to use the products and which combination of shades makes the best match for pale skin for the right season of the year, though, of course, you need to adjust that to your own skin type or swirl all the shades together if you want to avoid fuss.

As you can see the compact consists of four colours that can be used together or separately to achieve different results. 
The one in the top left corner is a pale peachy powder shade that is barely visible on my skin. 
In the top right corner you'll find a slightly cooler shade of fair bronzer shade.
In the bottom left corner is equally fair warmer bronzer shade, which is recommended for the summer season.
And in the bottom right corner there is a warm pink shade with very slight shimmer that can be used as a blush or to add pinky glow to your complexion when swirled together with all the other shades.

I love this product and have been reaching for it every day since I got it. But this does not mean that this product isn't flawless. 
So let me start with the DRAWBACKS:

1. When the product arrives it's got some kind of weird overpray on top, almost like plastic foil. You need some really prickly, stiff brush with natural bristles to scrape this layer off and get to the actual powder, otherwise you'll get no more pigmentation than from the plastic display thing that symbolises the real product.

2.  The shades are really, really fair, so it's recommended only for the palest of beauties, I can pull it off only in winter.

3. Not only is this bronzer very fair, but also very sheer.

4. You definitely can't use this for contouring or sculpting your face. This is your overall bronzer.

5. Very pricey.

And now on to the reasons WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH:
1. Being fair and sheer this product is easy and foolproof to use. It adds very natural healthy glow to my face without looking unnaturally dark or yellow.

2. Due to the fact that it contains the blusher shade, the blend of all of these shades together imitates my natural pinkish kind of tan and matches my skin type perfectly.

3. This is a versatile bronzer. The bronzer shades are matte, while the pink one contains a tiny bit of shimmer. This means you can decide whether you prefer your bronzer to be on the warmer or cooler side and also whether you want a bit of shimmer or not.

4. Doubles as a very pretty blush.

5. It's travel-friendly as you've got your blush and bronzer in one pan.

6. The packaging is to die for.

7. This bronzer smells gorgeous. I know that some people may consider this a strong disadvantage, but for me it's part of the product's charm. I don't have sensitive skin, it doesnt't break me out and it's such a pleasure to use something that smells so good.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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