Friday, 15 April 2011

My springtime look

Rambling around a Zara store I somehow stumbled across these gorgeous shoes and I knew at once I needed to have them. Especially that they would justify the need for an orange lipstick, which had arisen in my head much earlier but I couldn't find any excuse for yet another lipstick. So I got the shoes and completed the look with a Chanel lipstick. But still something was missing, it took me several days to figure out that I needed a scarf! Got one from H&M et voila! That was it!

And here are the quick reviews:

I've got some problem with Zara shoes, each time I try their shoes on one of them fits perfectly while the other is too big, which after some period of wearing the shoes leads to serious problems like shoes slipping off your feet (not very comfortable when you're wearing 10 cm high heels). For some time I believed that my feet are actually of different length, but this situation occurs only with Zara. This time I decided to squeeze my feet into a smaller size ( again one foot perfectly all right, the other one suffering some discomfort) but it turns out this was a good decision. When walking the shoes are comfortable enough and thay do not slip off my feet. Also it needs to be said that the inner sole is nicely padded so you can survive long hours without pain:).

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Sari d'eau
My intention was to get a Lancome lipstick but that one was sold out so I satisfied myself with the Rouge Coco and I must say I'm satisfied with the choice. I'd been tempted to get an orange lipstick for a long time but I didn't feel bold enough. Orange lipsticks (especially the non-transparent ones) sometimes look like wall paint on lips, the effect which is absolutely justified on a catwalk, whereas for everyday look... hmmm... too daring for me. Rouge Coco Shine made an excellent choice because this line of lipsticks is transparent and subtle, but the colour is definitely visible. The lipsticks offer a sheer wash of colour with wet, gloss-like look. They're highly moisturising, conditioning lips like a balm. The staying power is decent, lasts an hour or two unless you eat or drink (then of course it's gone)

H&M orange-red flowery scarf
There's not much to say, nice and soft, lovely colour, adorable pattern, excellent value for money.

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