Friday, 1 April 2011

Superior quality, reasonably priced make-up brushes: introducing Kozlowski

Surprisingly enough I learned about the existence of Kozlowski brushes from... my husband. He's known the brand since his schooldays when he used their brushes for artists to glue and paint his models and it was him who recommended m to check out their website when he observed my increased interest in brushes and their number in the bathroom started to grow slowly but noticeably ;). Apparently Kozlowski is a family run company with 50-year experience in business, make-up brushes being a relatively new addition to the range comprising brushes for artists, craftsmen of all kinds, beauticians, nail artists, dentists, and even the police for taking down fingerprints. Wow I thought. So I made an order and this is what I got:

All brushes presented over 1cm x 1 cm grid
From left to right, all prices are approximate:
E - CB 635 Blush brush, £ 8.70 natural bristles
R - CB 635 Blush brush, £ 10.50 racoon bristles

Both brushes are superior quality with soft but dense hair, long, wooden, ergonomically shaped handles. Relatively heavy, without any cheap, tacky, plasticky feel. When you touch them you really see the difference between professional tools and the cheaper brands. They pick just the right amount of product and distribute it nicely on my cheeks. I love them both, but I must admit I see practically no difference between them two except the price. Next time I make a purchase of a blush brush I'll definitely go for the cheaper one or try out a CB635 at £ 7.50 (looks really similar on the website and is much cheaper).

CB 631 Eyeshadow brush, size 8, £3.80, pony hair
A rather thick brush, too thick to use to apply eyeshadow. Not very soft, good for blending shadows that are hard to blend. Good quality brush, but if I were to order again I'd skip this one.

CB  329 Eyeshadow brush, size 6 - £4.60, marten hair
                    size 8 - £6.60
                    size 10 - £8.50
These are my favourite brushes to apply shadows. I personally prefer this shape of brush, they are flat, densely packed with relatively long and soft bristles. They are easy to manipulate with, suitable for both application and contouring. You can use them vertically and horizontally to cover the whole lid or to paint a narrow line. There's no fallout when using these brushes. What I love about them most is the possibility to choose the size which suits your purposes and eye shape. For me size 8 seems the most appropriate, size 10 is too wide, size 6 is perfect for those hard to reach areas like the corners of your eyes or the lower lid. There are actually many more sizes that may suit individual preferences. I must say that other popular brands like MAC, Sigma or E.L.F. do not offer such variety of choice.

CB 633 Contour brush, size 6 - £5.70, marten hair
                   size 8 - £6.80

These are the two dome-shaped brushes on offer. Size 8 is a very nice, soft brush, perfect for contouring. Retains its shape after washing, picks the right amount of shadow, distributes it evenly. The hairs are quite loosely packed, and relatively short, I definitely would not recommend it for blending. Size 6 is the only brush I'm dissatisfied with. It's much too small, there are so few hairs that it hardly resembles a dome. Also the whole handle, both the wooden and the metal parts, are simply too big and too heavy for such a tiny brush. I often end up scratching my eyelids with the metal. I wish there was a larger brush than size 8, I think this would be a perfect brush for me.
The brushes are available online:
They have underwent several washes and never lost a hair and always returned to their original shape.

Disclaimer: I bought the products myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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