Saturday, 14 November 2015

Clinique Pop lip color + primer review & swatches

When Clinique released their Pop lipsticks I was instantly drawn to them due to the claims that they made. They are a 2-in-1 kind of product and combine intense lip colour with a primer which is meant to prolong the wear time of the lipstick and also make it go on smoothly and even out the lip texture.

My problem was the shade selection. I wanted to pick something unique for my collection, a brownish beige perhaps, but the nudes were so similar to each other and all of them pale peachy shades that make me look sick and those I liked had so many dupes in my own stash that I left the counter.

I returned with a 20% off discount code and picked a cool-toned red which I love so much and suits me so well that I knew my choice of shade would be a hit. 

I'm not a fan of the packaging. It's cute, but I think it targets a much younger age group of users. There's something teenage about the plastic base that reflects the shade of the bullet. 
Everything else about the lipstick is prefect.
The colour is rich and intense. 
The lipstick goes on incredibly creamy and smooth, but the finish is on the satin side. It's not exactly lightweight, but due to its moisturising nature it feels as comfortable on the lips as a lip balm. 
This lipstick is incredibly long-wearing and when it starts to fade, it does so evenly and leaves a nice stain behind.

This new formula is definitely worth trying out. I only wish there was a more 'Kylie Jenner' kind of shade in the range.  

Trivia: the list of ingredients is so long that it covers 3 sides of the box.

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