Sunday, 29 November 2015

Marc Jacobs Decadence EDP review

I won't even try to deny the fact that I bought the brand new perfume by Marc Jacobs solely because of the packaging. And the name: Decadence.
Controversial and tacky as it may seem to some, the purse-shaped bottle with a faux snake skin top and a chain strap (there's also supposed to be a tassel, which my 30ml bottle apparently is too small to come with) combines so well with the theme of decadent over indulgence. Also the green velvet box the flacon comes in represents luxury and class.

The scent itself was strangely familiar and it took me over 10 years back to a stormy period of my life. It made me feel uneasy and gave me strange butterflies in my stomach. It awakened some demons that lay dormant at the back of my head. I racked my brain to find out what what perfume I was wearing at that time to no avail. And then came the revelation, it wasn't me, it was his perfume that Decadence reminded me of. 

To the point, I would describe Decadence as a lush unisex scent. The concoction of top and middle notes is definitely floral, but a kind of fresh floral with a twist. According to the description it's a mixture of plum, iris, saffron, Bulgarian rose, and jasmine notes, but I'm unable to single out any of them. 
As the scent develops, crisp citrusy notes of veriver and the woody ones of amber become more prominent and make the scent more daring than it is at first.

This is a strong, long-wearing perfume for people with character. 
I'm sure that both the bottle and the scent are addressed to a particular clientele.
I'm not in love with the perfume, but I'm fascinated by it and feel very emotional when clad in it. 

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