Friday, 20 May 2016

MAC Pro Longwear Powder Pressed review

Living in close proximity to a MAC store means that I no longer need to purchase their products online and every now and then can venture in and satisfy myself with something new.

The reason why I got my new Pro Longwear Powder Pressed is that I have oily skin and this powder was highly recommended for my skin type by a number of bloggers who have the same skin concerns and whose judgement I trust. 

I quite liked the packaging and the dry texture of the powder seemed very promising, but I must say this is no holy grail of mine. 
The powder is very dry and stony hard. The brush doesn't pick excessive amount of product, which is good, but I really need to dig hard to pick anything at all. 
I don't quite like what this powder looks like on my skin. It does mattify, without any doubt, but it also makes dry patches miraculously appear on my face and generally sits quite unnaturally on the surface without blending in.

I would be prepared to accept this fact if it kept my face matte for longer thaqn other powders do, but unfortunately my oilies break through as quickly as they do when I use other powders.

This  powder lacks any comparative advantage over other smilar products. Apart from being a product by a cult brand, it fails to deliver good quality product, lasting results, innovative packaging and a sense of luxury.

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