Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB eye roll-on in Light review

Being a fan of BB creams and eye creams I could not ignore the launch of a BB cream for the eyes by Garnier. I already have one such product by Dior, which I dearly love, but it's a bit too expensive so I found a chance of getting a cheaper counterpart tempting.

This BB cream comes in a small tube with a metal ball as an applicator, which strongly reminds of yet another Garnier eye product . Do you remember the roll on concealer? I have strong suspicions that these two are actually the same product, repackaged in a half-size tube and renamed into a BB cream.

I'm not going to go for any detailed comparison of the two products (which I believe are quite the same), I'd just like to show you the difference in shades. Both products are the lightest ones in the range and, as you can see, the BB one is way darker than its predecessor. The shade of the BB cream is soo dark it barely matches any foundation in my possession. It's not that bad now, in the summer, as it somehow manages to blend but I suspect when I'm substantially paler in winter this is going to look like the yellow aura that lingers on for a couple of weeks after somebody's given you a black eye. This is definitely the darkest and the yellowest concealer in my possession.

I don't exactly know how come this thing is called a BB cream as all non-BB undereye concealers offer skincare benefits and all BB products contain SPF15 minimum.
Let's see what claims this makes:

As far as the application is concerned, applying this BB cream in circular motion tugs at the delicate skin under the eyes so it's better just to swipe it once or twice. You definitely need to tap the product with your ring finger to blend it in, the formula doesn't automatically 'smooth onto the skin' . How could anyone with a hint of common sense make such a claim?
I can't tell you much about the coverage as dark undereye circles aren't my issue, but as far as counteracting redness and evening out the skin tone is cincerned, this BB cream does the trick pretty well. Building up increases the coverage, but the product starts feeling heavy under my eyes. 
The product is supposed to blur fine lines, which it doesn't, illuminate, which it it too dark for, and hydrate, which again is not the case. I have very dry undereye area, especially in winter. This summer, however, it's closer to normal than dry so when used on top of a decent moisturiser this BB cream  doesn't underline my wrinkles. I suspect, however, that when winter comes and I'll start spending long hours at work, my issues will return and this BB cream won't be moisturising enough.
This product claims to combine skincare and make-up, yet I'd definitely recommend not skipping the moisturiser underneath.

To sum up, I'd like to say this is not a bad product and I can see many people loving it as a new-generation replacement for Garnier roll-on concealer.  If I were to choose, I'd still pick the old one as it's twice as big and the colour match is better. My reservations about this product are that it's nowhere near anything that I would classify as a BB cream. It's not strongly moisturising, the coverage is relatively low and there's no SPF. 

EDIT: Don't store this upside down cause it will leak.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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