Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Nails Inc nailpolish in Brook St review

I received this mini-size nailpolish by Nails Inc. in my Glossybox. I love the brand, but if I were Nails Inc. I wouldn't offer this particular polish for those unfamiliar with the brand to try out as the formula was not as good as the other polishes by the brand.  

What I didn't like was that the formula was thich and gooey. The polish was opaque but streaky and took ages to dry. 

The shade is bright pink with coral undertones and milky base. Looks brighter and pinker in real life than in the pictures. This flat milky/pastel base made it look like wall paint on nails. However, I believe the shade itself might appeal to many pink lovers and it definitely would suit warmer complexions than mine better.

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