Saturday, 19 December 2015

Korean goodies: Mizon Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light liquid highlighter review

I have oily skin and theoretically I should stay away from all highlighters, but they look so good in photos and make every complexion look so fresh that i just cannot hep-l using them. 
I would never buy a Korean highlighter myself, just because I've already got more highlighters than I need and importing one from Korea seems like a nonsensical idea. 
The Mizon one I'm about to review came into my hands through a Memebox and I must say I was unsure whether to tag this as a Korean goodie or a great underdog of make-up, and finally went for the former just to be consistent in my posts.
Everything is perfect about Oh!Shy Glow on Simmer Light by Mizon. 
1. The packaging
Not only is the packaging cute and classy with its chess pawn design and its milky glass container, but it's also very practical. I do appreciate the fact that it comes with a rattle ball which helps stir the product and a brush applicator which can be used to apply the product directly onto the cheekbones, but I prefer to apply some to the back of my hand and then blend in with a fluffy brush or a sponge.
2. The shade
The shade is a lovely pink-undertoned pale pearl. Excellent for all fair-skinned gals.
3. The finish
This is a beautiful, super shimmery highlighter, which makes my complexion glow without any obvious sparkles or chunks of glitter.
4. Non-greasy
Even though this is a liquid highlighter, apart from the glow it naturally produces, this product has no tendency to stimulate oil production, look greasy or accentuate pores. 
5. Multi-purpose
This product can be used on its own over or under foundation and also mixed with a foundation of your choice. As I have said, this will not make your foundation more dewy, as this product isn't moisturising or oily or greasy, but it'll add glow to any matte foundation and prevent it from looking ageing or flat. 

This product is comparable to Benefit's High Beam, and even though High Beam is on a peachy side, while Oh!Shy is more pinky, I would call it a more a more affordable dupe of the Benefit product.

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