Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Treatment review

I have undereye wrinkles and I willingly reach for different concoctions that promise to reverse the damage that time has made to my skin.
My latest pick was Elemis ProCollagen Advanced Eye Treatment. I went for this one because the reviews were good and collagen products, say what you may about how useless collagen is in skin care, have always done a world of good for me. 
The product comes in a classy, but not fancy flat gray bottle, which definitely protects the product from sun rays, but it also makes it impossible to tell how much product is left. The cap contains a glass dropper, which helps you carefully measure a drop or two of this precious liquid. 
The serum has a consistency that is half way between water and gel and it's also sort of cloudy. It distributes nicely under the eyes, leaves a kind of film and doesn't feel tight even if I forget to follow this with an eye cream.

I'm writing this review after having used this thing religiously day by day in conjunction with various high quality eye creams and I must say that while it was a pleasure to pamper myself with a product which I consider luxury, I must say that the entire bottle of this serum did not iron out my wrinkles and I don't notice any difference now that I've stopped using this. Let me rephrase that, Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment proved itself to be a totally unnecessary addition to my skincare routine and quite a lot of money wasted.

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