Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Korean goodies: Yni Picture Eyeliner review

Being masters of caligraphy, Asian people know how to make a felt tip liner best. As a Memebox addict I got a number of unbranded products which surprised me with their quality and stayed with me until today. One of such products is this Yni Picture Eyeliner.

This represents a weird concept of an eyeliner, which is not unknown to the Western market, as years back it was intoduced by some highend brand like Lancome or Stila. What we get is a tip which looks like a pitchfork and can be used in multiple ways. It was designed for beginners in the art of make-up who struggle to make a line straight. The tip is meant to be some kind of dotting tool that will fill in the lashline without the need to draw a line at all.
However, if you just drag this tip along the lashline, it'll give you a beautiful, opaque black, straight line, the width of which will depend on the angle at which you hold the pen. 

This tip is not my favourite, I find the conventional ones more faff-free, but the overall result is undeniably pretty and I keep returning to this pen quite regularly. 
But what I like about this eyeliner the most is that it resists the passage of time and is just as good as new. My European drugstore liners dry out within months, if not weeks, and this one goes on beautifully in spite of the fact that I've had it for good couple of years.

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