Sunday, 28 February 2016

Korean goodies: Osho Whitening Cream review

I don't know much about this Osho Whitening Cream. The leaflet says it whitens the skin due to presence of high concentrates of  rice bran extracts. After experimenting with this cream for a while I must say that it whitens strongly, but temporarily as if it was not rice bran extract, but rice powder that was the main whitening ingredient. 

The note on the packaging said that this is a day/night cream, so I slapped on a considerable amount on my face before going to bed and scared Mr Hubby with what he believed was my new take on Halloween make-up. This thing looks as if you've smeared toothpaste onto your face. Of course I wiped this off cause no one wants to sleep with white make-up on their faces and was about to dump this vile thing, but the beautiful white pears spoke to me and I resisted the strong temptation to part with this cream.

The next morning I used it in less than a moderate amount and it actually did work. I would never recommend wearing it on its own as it makes your face unnaturally white. I'm pale and this turns me white, and I can't even imagine what it would look like on darker skinned people. But this makes a nice base for my make-up, it even brightens the undereye area nicely. 

I don't think this is a particularly good quality cream. When I used a larger amount it felt heavy and pasty on my skin and turned it greasy. When I just patted on a small dollop, I felt it didn't  moisturise enough.

I will use this up, but I don't like it. I'm not sure who this is for. Too heavy for oily skin, too drying for dry, turns pale complexions white, darker and olive toned would most probably look ashy. This is a day cream with strong white cast, but has no SPF at all. 

It looks like the only thing I like about this cream is the packaging.


  1. Uh dear, so pretty! I'm a sucker for nice packagings. (over time I bought two Yedam Yun Bit creams for that reason on ebay, have you seen those? Just moisturizing cream in lovely jars, I do like them.)
    But yeah, this concept wouldn't really appeal to me either. _If_ I want a brightened face during the day, I'll use zinc oxide sunscreens and have protection as well.

    1. Same thing here. I gave away tons of my Memebox goodies, but kept this one solely because of the packaging. It turns out that appearances are misleading!