Friday, 25 December 2015

Korean goodies: Real Collagen Nutrition Serum review

The Dewytree Real Collagen Nutrition Serum was the perfect product for me from the very first moment I saw it.
I loved the classy, luxurious-looking packaging, quite bulky, but lightweight, eqiupped with a pump.
I've noticed that no matter whether collagen products really do stimulate collagen production in human skin or not, they do have noticeable results on mine. I find them highly moisturising, but non-greasy and fast-absorbing. I feel this serum also tightens my pores and makes a good make-up base. It has very faint and refreshing scent, which doesn't interfere with anything. 
I also noticed that Dewytree is a Nature Recipe brand and I happen to like Narure Recipe a lot.

I was about to write an enthusiastic review of this product when all of a sudden it was no more. I'd kept using it on and off for approximately two months, but there were a couple of other serums going on at the same time in my bathroom and I sometimes skipped the serum overall, so I was utterly surprised when I discovered there was no more product inside the bottle. I can't explain this, I might have been abusing the product or the 50ml bottle was half-empty from the start. I tend to believe the latter. 

To conclude, this is an excellent product, but the milky plastic packaging prevented me from noticing how little low the product was running or how little there was in the first place. 


  1. Hey! Do you have a favourite website from where you buy korean products?

    1. I got tons of my stuff in Memeboxes, but they no longer ship here. I can recommend and many random e-bay sellers. I have never been disappointed by any Korean online retailer, some offer more samples, some less, but they ship instantly and it takes no more than 2 weeks to deliver to Poland.