Saturday, 14 May 2011


English beer haul: Fuller's Golden Pride and Honey Dew, Wells Waggle Dance
I'm supposed to be dieting and what am I doing?  Intaking liquid calories and pringling Pringles. When I saw Honey Dew in a Polish supermarket (Bomi) I simply couldn't help myself. Since Saturday night fever seems to have overwhelmed us we're watching Eurosong contest ha ha ha. Still waiting for something quite as good as my all fime favourite Verka Serduchka, but I think gems like her are not born everyday.

Polish lagers from local, non-corporational breweries: Warnijskie, Twierdzowe, Lubuskie, Piwo na miodzie gryczanym
We've become fans of Polish beer from small local breweries. The quality and variety is amazing, you can choose from non-pasteurized beers with 2-week expiry dates,  ale-like beers with reddish hues, honey beers (much sweeter and honey-tasting than English beers), wheat beers and plenty of others. 
The only thing you need to do is to say "no" to corporate, tasteless produce of Zywiec, Tyskie or Lech and delve into the realm of taste.

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