Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kings and Queens shimmering body milk

This review is based on a generous sample I received from Douglas. And thanks goodness I received the sample, so I'll never be tempted to splash out on such a product. I was really excited about the possibility to try it out, but I found nothing that could justify the price tag. The product had this weird smell, which I suppose was meant to associate with natural ingredients, organic products etc. Actually it smelled like malt, not the smell I enjoy in beauty products. My skin was in no way smoother, better nourished, nicer to touch. My drugstore body milks do a much better job. The consistency was all right, but somehow it was difficult to distribute the pearly substance well, you needed to spend a considerable amount of time smearing this stuff evenly to avoid white patches. Glitter is not the kind of think I'm looking for in a body milk, but actually this is the only feature I really appreciate. If I weren't past my clubbing era I would definitely enjoy the effect as my body looked like a mirror ball, quite an exaggerated result for any kind of daily use, but it stayed on  for a very long time, much longer than other shimmer products I've had. So all I can say is that I didn't fall in love with the product and I won't be purchasing.

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