Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Made in Poland: Lajk Cider (jesieny)

Kuba stumbled across this cider in our local grocery store "Krówka". Why not give it a try?, he thought.

So we knocked back a couple of bottles to be able to give a fair and unprejudiced opinion. We expected it to be the Scandinavian type, too sweet and not savoury enough. To our surprise it turned out to be very similar to corporational British ciders like Strongbow, perhaps a bit sweeter. Very decent, reasonably priced drink.

It's produced by a group of cider fanatics from Warsaw, I hope these guys are successful and never cease to provide me with a constant supply of this marvellous drink. The only thing I'd change is the name. It's an example of bad marketing. It was supposed to be funny and cool and I expcect was to appeal to the youngest drinkers, but I don't think they are the target group for a drink which roughly costs twice as much as a bottle of beer. I wouldn't  also count on their refined taste or curiosity to try something different.

Anyway, well done guys, keep up the good work! We lajked you on Facebook!

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