Thursday, 21 March 2013

First day of Spring in Poland!

Is it spring already?
 The weather does nothing to make me believe that.
I'm trying to fight the coming depression with routine activities or occassional outbursts of madness.
Also attempted warming and cheering myself up with cherry liqueur (quite successfully, but I can't do that every day, can I?)

I was born in March and I believe this is when my cycle of birth and annual rebirth starts, and normally I blossom under the first spring sun rays. Not this year, however. And the weather forecast is not even worth checking.

Sorry about the silly picture below. There are million better ways of concealing your car plates, like creating some sort of snow wirlpool or local blizzard in the right area but the snowman seemed so much more appropriate. 

Today I guess every Polish facebook user saw this caption under some snowy picture:
Help Spring. Eat Snow.

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