Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Model co Bronzed Goddes eyeshadow duo review

After my incredibly pleasant experience with Model Co lipstick/gloss duo I was super excited to find this eyeshadow in my Glossybox. 
My excitement, however, didn't last long.

Although the shades seem right, the quality of what I found inside was highly disappointing. 
First of all I was seriously put off by the packaging. It reminded me of ELF eyebrow wax and powder duo which I absolutely love, but with all respect, Model Co is quite more expensive and aspires to be a high-end brand.

The shade on the left is very clumpy and crumbly at first and when blended out (which requires quite a bit of effort) it turns out to be a kind of pale golden glitter instead of pale peach. 
The other shade is much better, but this time it just doesn't suit my skin tone. It's too warm, but I think many olive-skinned girls will find this warm, shimmery brown very pretty. I only find the texture of the eyeshadow quite difficult to work with. It seems a bit hard at first but when blended it displays pleasant creaminess.

With so many drugstore products performing exceptionally well this duo turned out to be such disappointment. Poor pignemtation, weird texture, simple packaging put me off very successfully.

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