Monday, 11 March 2013

Sigma E05 gift eyeliner brush review

Today I'm going to review a brush which was sent to me as a complimentary gift attached to my purpose.
This the first eyeliner brush in my collection which is shaped like this so I was very excited to try it out.

This gift brush has a short pink handle and stiff bristles in conical shape, which form a very sharp tip. All other eyeliner brushes in my possession are either flat angled ones or those with long, fine bristles of the same length. 
Sigma E05 is able to create both very thin and bold lines. the bristles don't separate and stick out in all directions. After several washes the brush didn't loose its shape and looks exactly like when it arrived. 

Knowing how to use this brush requires some practice cause the bristles are so stiff that they don't bend to adjust to my eye shape. I need to hold it parallel to my lid, otherwise I end up scratching the lid with the tip only.

Overall I like this brush, and there's never such thing as too many eyeliner brushes cause they need to be washed after every single use and they get worn out much earlier than any other brushes.   

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