Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer #45 review

I received Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer #45 in my Glossybox. At first glance I was very happy to get it as the other shades available didn't seem to suit my taste.
The colour is red with golden micro glitter. The red looked blue-toned in the bottle, but read much warmer on my nails.

I liked the flat, wide, stiff brush, which made the application easy. Two coats gave opaque coat and removing the polish was surprisingly effortless, considering the fact that it contains glitter. 

In spite of all these good things I've said about the polish, I didn't like it much. It's hard to describe what exactly was wrong with it. It simply looked... cheap. Even coated with Seche Vite it lacked lustre. It did not chip, but sheered off the edges without any aparent reason. Just generally didn't look good.

I suppose I could make a couple of attempts to make the polish work, but I simply don't hope that would change much. There are so many high quality polishes in my collection that I don't think forcing a bad one to work is worth my time and effort.

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