Thursday, 21 November 2013

project empties #6

As usual my empties consist mostly of skin care products, but this time I have managed to use up one make-up item, and this is the one I'll start from.

MAC Mineralize Foundation is an overhyped product. I know they've changed the packaging, but the one I had was ridiculously nonsensical. It was supposed to be applied with a sponge which resembled an ancient stamp and never worked. The coverage was sheer and the powder accentuated all dry patches I didn't know of before I used the foundation.

Bourjois one second nail polish remover is a product which I loved at first, but soon it turned out that the red polishes I use stained the liquid inside and while the efficiency remained unaffected, my fingers were all blood red. I do realise that you need to change these jars often, but the price tag around 10 pounds makes me think twice. Not going to repurchase.

The Body Shop Camomille Cleanser is a lovely product which does away with all make-up. Didn't make me break out and worked incomparably better than the acclaimed Eve Lom cleanser I'm now using.

Bioderma mattifying fluid was a very decent moisturiser for oily skin. Worked well under make-up and kept my face shine free for a couple of hours.

I finally managed to use up Care Love eye cream, which was a horrible under eye cream but applied on my lids it moisturised them without making them excessively oily.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions eye gel didn't satisfy my needs. It wasn't moisturising enough, so I treated it as a serum and used it under eye cream. nonetheless, I didn't notice nay improvemant, so obviously. I'm not going to purchase.

DAX Cosmetics Perfecta orange scrub (Polish brand) is a wonderful product. Not only does it leave my skin smooth and peeled, but also moisturised so much that using any lotion afterwards makes no sense. Also smells wonderful of sweet oranges and costs little money.

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy conditioner is not my favourite condioner ever. I just don't think it worked. My hair was neither smooth nor glossy nor straight. It actually felt kind of coarse after using the conditioner.  

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