Wednesday, 27 November 2013

MAC Prepare for Pleasure (Divine Night collection) review and swatches

A month ago MAC Cosmetics opened their online store here in Poland, which I welcomed with enthusiasm and relief as I no longer needed to go through the embarassment of asking  people to bring me something MAC from their journeys to some more civilised areas.

However, it all got off to a bad start in the beginning.
I ordered some stuff from their website and imagine my astonishment when I checked my account and saw that the sum I paid in Polish currency was exchanged into euro and as a result I was charged over four times more than the actual amount. Fortunately there was a happy ending to the story as the customer services at MAC deserved a medal. They were most sympathetic and helpful and they did their best to mitigate my loss. I thought I'd be offered some free shipping or 10% off for the emotional distress I'd suffered, but the compensation I received exceeded all my expectations. I was given ALL my money back and wasn't charged for the producs ordered .
What's more I recently received a surprise gift from MAC, consisting of Studio Fix+ and a moisturiser and a lovely handwritten note. 
I believe this was the best way I was ever treated by any brand and every marketing/customer service  department should learn from MAC how to build customer loyalty.

So as a newly converted, yet devout MAC fanatic I went for a couple of limited edition items from the Divine Night collection. One of them was the most gorgeous lipstick ever, bearing a telltale name, Prepare For Pleasure. 
On MAC website the shade is described as magenta red, which made me worry a bit as I'm not really a fan of magenta or reds which turn magenta when fading, nonetheless I though I'd give it a go. And I'm glad I did as there's nothing magenta about this lipstick.
While when swatched on my hand the colour looks as if it was ever so slighlty leaning towards magenta, in the bullet and on my lips it looks like the most gorgeous cool-toned proper red colour with super-tiny shimmer, which is not noticeable as such, but definitely adds to the incredible shine of the lipstick. I've got such a wide collection of reds that I thought it was impossible for me to find something I don't have a dupe for, but it turns out that the most perfect red, which is neither too dark nor too bright and neither too cool nor too warm.

My experience with MAC lipsticks is very narrow, I've only had three of their lippies and none of them was a cremesheen, so please excuse me if I say something that everyone already knows: the finish is absolutely AMAZING! The lipstick is fully opaque in one go and the sheen is amazing! It's very close to the glossiness of a gloss, but it's a million times more durable. I must say that this is one of the best performing and longest-lasting lipsticks I've ever used, including matte and dry lipsticks and lip lacquers. 

Prepare for Pleasure is a vibrant colour, which usually bears with itself a risk of uneven and patchy fading, which doesn't look good and calls for regular touch ups. Not in this case! The lipstick refuses to fade at all, and when it finally gives in it disappears evenly without looking gross.

I also feel I need to mention that I love the festive packaging with gold elements and the faint, kind of vanilla scent.

This lipstick is perfect! Go and grab it before it's sold out!

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


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