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Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes in On Cloud Nine and Blue Had Me At Hello review & swatches

I'd heard so many good things about Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes that when I was doing my American drugstore shopping on e-bay I added two of their palettes top my basket to see if they're any good. 

My first choice was On Cloud Nine trio, which is a lovely combination of blues and brown which I have been sporting a lot recently.
The first eyehadow, marked as a browbone shade, is a frosty baby blue shade. I can't imagine using it on the brow bone, it's too frosty and too blue, screams so 80's  to me. But it makes a lovely inner corner highlighter.
The second is a lovely matte chocolate brown shade. If you don't like blue colours, this palette might be worth getting only because of this eyeshadow. Matte eyeshadows from the drugstore are relatively rare and this one's beautifully pigmented, blends well and looks good both in the crease and all over the lid for one shade all over looks.
And finally, the third shade, which is a shimmery denim blue. I own quite a collection of blues, yet this shade is nothing like the other blues I've got. There's something quiet about this shade that may encourage those who would like to try wearing blue for a pop of colour, yet are afraid to try.  

This palette is a great choice for:
  • all blue lovers
  • everyone wishing to experiment with blue eyeshadows. This palette is so cheap that you may toss it away if the experiment fails. And even if you don't like the blues, you may end up enjoying a pretty brown matte shade
  • those who want to create a range of different looks from day to more dramatic ones, from all blue to all brown or a mixture of both (my personal preference)
  • everyone looking for a sleek small palette that is travel friendly and occupies little space in the make-up bag or drawer.

The eyeshadows last all day without fading or creasing on oily lids like mine (I always use a good quality primer, though). 
The only thing I don't like is the cheap packaging that doesn't pretend to be anything else than a cheap drugstore product, but then for about $3 what else could I expect? 

The second palette I chose is Blue Had Me At Hello and is a bit of a let down, compared to the other one. 
A palette consisting of 8 shades should theoretically offer some more variety than a trio, but in fact I reach for three shades only. Also the quality of the eyeshadows is a bit inconsistent with some of the shades simply refusing to cooperate with me.

I suppose this palette is divided into a colour range that will give you a classic smokey eye (left) and a crazier aquatic blue eye look (right), but of course they can be combined in any way you want.

The browbone shades are a very frosty white pearl (l) and a light mint green with more of a pearl finish (r).

The eyelid shades are a lovely metallic silver that is highly pigmented and blends in really well. Unfortunately such metallic shades don't look good on my ageing lids.
The other eyelid shade is a bright turquoise blue with golden yellow sheen. This is a very pretty bright shade, for those who long for a pop of colour. It goes on very smoothly and blends in well.

The next pair look very similar in the pan, but when swatched it turns out that the one on the left is a black shade with dark blue shimmers. This shade is not the easiest to work with. It's dry and powdery, produces tons of fallout and in the process of blending all the shimmers disappear and what we're left with is a charcoal shade with satin finish.
The other one on the right is quite a unique shade of blue. It seems to be a cool-toned navy blue, but when swatched it looks much warmer and looks like a dark cornflower shade to me. There's some sheen to it, but no frost or sparkle. It would be my favourite shade in the palette if I didn't experience problems with pigmentation. This eyeshadow tends to disappear from the lid when blended. When layered oner the bright turquoise above it, it barely shows at all, just offers a kind of warmer sheen to it. 
I also don't think these two make proper crease shades. They look good in the outer corner, but I like to see some neutral shades in my crease.

And the final duo are two blach eyeshadows that are meant to be used as liners. The one on the left is matte and the one on the right has some silver sparkle that doesn't cling to the lids too well. It's useful to have an eyeliner shade in a palette to use according to the purpose or to darken the outer corners, but who needs two black shades?

My favourite look is a 'peacocky eye'. First I apply some blue cream eyeshadow in the outer corner, then pat on the blue crease shade on the right over it. Then I apply the turquoise shade on the centre of my lid and blend it with the blue one and finally I apply the mint browbone shade in the inner corner of my eye and blend all three shades together.  

As I've already said, you get 8 shades, but a number of them is actually pretty similar. 3 of them are basically black. Most of the shades are shimmery and this palette lacks a nice matte base shade. 

I must also say that while I found the quality of the first palette amazing, the shadows from the second one failed to last all day. They crease, transfer and there's some fallout during the day that gived me sickly looking green circles under my eyes. 

While On Cloud Nine is adorable, I think Blue Had Me At Hello is not a necessary addition to my collection. The shades are nice, but not irreplaceable, I could create a similar peacocky look using MAC Tilt and Deep Truth.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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