Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Affordable make-up: NYX Love in Florence La Dolce Vita review

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed one of Spring 2013 eyeshadow palettes by NYX, Love in Paris. My good experience with that palette made me purchase one more from their Love in... line, this time I picked Love in Florence in the shade La Dolce Vita. I gasped when I saw the palette after it'd arrived, so gorgeous it was. Unfortunately, the quality proved much below my expectations boosted by how wonderfully my Love in Paris palette performed.

What I love about the palette is the shade selection. This is a well-composed mix of silvers, grays and blues. Every single shade has a good match within the palette. There's a wide variety of finishes, ranging from mattes to glitters. Some shades are quite unique in the pan, but unfortunately certain nuances do not transfer onto the lids. 
The shade in the top left corner is a shimmery, glittery pewter, in the centre there's a satiny cream shade, on the right we find a shimmery navy blue.
Two stripes below are charcoal black with navy blue sparse glitter and the one below is a satiny or matte gray which also seems to have some blue glitter strewn across it.
Unfortunately, these shades do not perform as well as they look. 
The pewter glitter is a really good quality, pigmented with good colour pay-off. There's a lot of fall out but this is nothing unusual in case of glitter eyeshadows.
I absolutely adore the cream shade in the middle. It's pigmented, soft, smooth and not powdery in the slightest. This is currently my favourite eyebrow highlight colour.
The blue one was my love at first sight, but it turned out to be the worst shadow within the pan. It's rather hard, I find it almost impossible to pick any of this powder with my brush, not to mention transfering it onto my lid and blending. In the swatches below all swatches are one swipe except the blue one, which took about 5 swipes to make the colour show up.

The glittery charcoal one is nice, but this blue glitter becomes invisible once applied on my lid, you can see it in close-up below.  This shade looks nice in the outer corner.
The matte gray is very pretty but it applies patchily and it seems to vanish once I start blending. 

This palette is exceptionally pretty, but its quality is far below my expectations. When you buy things online, without the possibility of seeing them first, you are bound to experience such disappointments. Fortunately it wasn't very expensive and I was able to find some use for it.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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