Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Bourjois Brow Natural Pen and Brow Design Mascara review

Today I'd like to review two new releases from Bourjois in the brow category. 
The first one is their Brow Natural Pen. This is a marker pen for the brows which is meant to tint and enhance brows. This kind of product is very popular on Korean market, but still a bit unusual in Europe.The Korean counterparts promise semi-permanenst, tattoo-like make-up, which makes me afraid to use these pens in case I make a mistake and an unable to correct it. This pen by Bourjois, however, is quite different.

This may be because I purchased the lightest shade, Blond, or because the pen is drier and not as saturated with pigment as the korean ones I've tried, but it offers very subtle brow enhancement and gives me full control, which I like. The colour is buildable, but never looks like tattoed brow. This pen will not give you those crisp, defined brows, but will enable you to correct where nature has failed. 
 What you need to do is to apply this in small strokes to fill in any gaps and shape your brows as you wish. This product, even in a darker colour, will not give you thick, bold brows, but will improve what you've already got while still looking natural. Great! 

The second product is Brow Design Mascara, which I happen not to love as much as the pen.

The description says this tints and defines brows and perhaps it does indeed, but this product happens to be really difficult to use. The wand is way too big, it's like a regular natural bristles mascara wand, the consistency of the product is too runny, which meand it clings to each single hair and accentuates the sparseness of my brows instead of building up the volume. What's more the wet wand is hard to manouvre and as a result I always stain the skin on my brow bone instead of defining my brows nicely. although this feels rather crisp on my brows, it seems to lack the grooming and long-term styling properties of good brow gels.

The shade I picked is 03 Chatain, which I though would compensate for the faint colour of the brow pen, but it turned out to be a bit too dark.
I feel this could be a decent product for someone with their brows on the bushier side, but then, there are much better brow styling products on the market. 

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