Thursday, 24 September 2015

Made in Poland: AA Oil Infusion micellar gel and eye cream review

I've recently started experimenting with Polish drugstore brands and I'vew discovered that a lot of them have actually improved since they were first launched and failed to impress me. 
AA is a brand that has been on the market for at least 20 years and has received a strong position in the sector of inexpensive skincare. 
While the price tag remains affordable, they seem to have been paying very careful attention to Western trends and devoted themselves to research and innovation. 

What pushed me to make a purchase was the newly released Oil Infusion line, from which I picked two most interesting products.
The first one is an oil-infused micellar gel. This is like a cross between a micellar water and a bi-phase make-up remover. This is a fragrance-free gel which is easy to dispense in a controlled way. Like all micellar waters, this serves me to wipe eyeshadow fallout from under my eyes and I think it performs in this respect really well. As for removing waterproof mascara this can't beat an oil cleanser. 
Will this replace my micellar waters? No. The reason is quite simple, this does not soak a cotton pad, just stays on the surface. When I want to use the reverse side of a cotton pad I need to reapply product. With liquids this step is unnecessary.  

The product I really, really liked is the eye cream. There's rocket science involved in the production of this eye cream which retails for about $5. If you speak Polish you can read the descriprion below, I'm not going to translate the whole scientific jargon which no one really understands, but the ingredients are really good, considering the price point. 

This is probably the best drugstore eye cream I've ever used. The formula is lightweight and silky, it glides on effortlessly. The cream absorbs well while leaving the area well moisturised during the day. It didn't make my wrinkles disappear, but it provided the comfort that dry undereye needs. I felt it really quenched my skin's thirst.
I believe this is a great affordable choice and will definitely repurchase.


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