Monday, 21 September 2015

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan 2-3 week tan mousse in Medium review

I love foam self-tanners with St. Tropez being my all time favourite brand. Having found my holy grail doesn't mean I don't make any diversions, just to check if there's something even holier.
Vita Liberata Luxury Tan tempted me with the promise of 2-3 week tan, which is quite impossible, considering the natural process of skin exfoliation and also taking into account the fact that fake tan doesn't last on me.

Let me start with first impressions. The mitt attached to my set is horrible. First of all it's a kind of nonsensical mini size as it doesn't cover the whole palm of my hand and protect it from staining and secondly the seam is so hard that it scratches in a very unpleasant or even dangerous manner. 

The shade of the mousse is different than the olive toned St. Tropez. It's got a red undertone which theoretically should suit my natural skin tone better, but it looks a bit sun burned instead of sun tanned.

The good things about this products are that when I apply this using according to the instructions above and get highly noticeable tan within hours. 
The product is tinted, which allows smooth and even application.
It dries within seconds.
The tan is so strong that building it up is a risky business. The shade is acceptable, but as I've said, I prefer warmer, olive tones. 
The biscuity scent is reduced to a minimum.
Fades evenly.

Unfortunately there are also some drawbacks. 
I don't think this locks in moisture and hydrates for 72 hours, I would actually say that quite the contrary, it makes my normal skin feel dry.
And of course the 2-3 week claim is more than absurd. This tan is almost completely gone after 3-4 showers. I went on a week's holiday without any fake tan and hoped this product would sort the issue of tanning out, but I returned from my holiday much paler than before, which shouldn't be the case when you go on holiday, should it?  

I got my travel-size foam to try out, tested it and gladly returned to my trusty St. Tropez. 

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