Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig EDT review

The Body Shop have recently repackaged and reformulated their fragrance line and added Italian Summer Fig to their range. This release has coincided with my craving for a fig scent, with Diptyque Philosykos being my primary target. The price point of Diptyque plus the fact that I would need to order that online and pay shipping charge restrained me and now I have found a perfect dupe in The Body Shop. 

I no longer have a sample of Philosykos and am unable to compare them side by side, but the Italian Summer Fig represents all I remember about Philosykos and all I longed for in a fig scent.

It's sweet and crisp at the same time. It's warm. It's unique. It escapes all classifications and comparisons. It's not for everyone. 

The only disadvantage is that this scent doesn't last on my skin long, but I experienced exactly the same when wearing Diptyque, so I attribute this to the perishable nature of this type of scent.

Anyway, for a fraction of price I got 50ml of what I'd been longing for and am perfectly happy with that.

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