Sunday, 6 November 2011

base coat comparison (orly, nails inc., nail tk, sally hansen)

Nail Tek Foundation III (not in the picture)
Pros: matte finish guarantees even application of the polish
Cons: makes polish chip really quickly, didn't heal my nails

Sally Hansen Double Duty (the oldest one in my stash, probably discontinued)
Pros: can be used both as a base and top coat
Cons: I don't like base coats with glossy finishes, the polish adheres much better to rougher surfaces

Orly Bonder:
Pros: its rubbery finish ensures even distribution of the polish and prevents chipping
Cons: none

Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar
Pros: can be worn alone instead of nail polish for healthy looking, ultra glossy nails
Cons: I didn't notice any healing properties, first coat of polish distributes quite unevenly on the glossy surface

Nail Tek III
Pros: although this treatment is meant to be worn alone, I sometimes wear it just like Nails Inc Kensington Caviar and the effect is similar.
Cons: didn't manage to heal my nails

 Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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