Thursday, 3 November 2011

How lucky I am not to have bought Chanel Perfection Lumiere

This review is based on a sample I received from Douglas perfumerie. I couldn't be more happy to have this sample cause it saved me from making a really pricey mistake. Having read a couple of rave rewiews I was really determined to get Perfection Lumiere and it turned out the most horrible foundation I've ever sampled or used. The colour match wasn't that bad, could have been lighter, though. But the quality of the foundation was hopeless. I tried all methods of application I know and stippling turned out to be definitely the best one. The best one doesn't mean a good one. First of all the foundation looked quite smudgy, secondly I didn't notice any decent coverage. I don't like heavy foundations, but at least I expect them to even out my skin tone, which Perfection Lumiere certainly didn't do. And worst of all, instead of providing any reasonable coverage, the foundation got stuck in the pores all over my face and wouldn't budge. I'm desperate to get some nice foundation, but Chanel is definitely out of the question.

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