Friday, 23 December 2011

Bye bye autumn, here comes winter!

Today was my last day at work this year! I managed to survive without scraping my frozen car to reach some basic visibility level, removing tons of snow trying to actually get near the car, opening the door and a huge ball of  this white stuff falling onto my seat! Oh, how I dreaded getting up in the morning and seeing that evidently there was no chance of driving Mikolaj to his kindergarten and myself to work on time. However weird it may sound on the first day of winter I'm celebrating the death of gloom and all this ugliness. From now on we'll have more light and optimism and hope.
Though looking back at this year's autumn I'd like to remember it as one of the mildest autumns in my life, especially after the 2 previous ones. September was definitely the most beautiful month this year. So warm, sunny and golden. October was also lovely, bit colder, obviously, but still delightfully nice. Never too windy or rainy. November is my most hated month of the year and this year it was more than bearable. We switched to winter tyres only in the second half of the month and we usually do before All Saints'.
It's interesting that the first day of winter was marked with a frosty day, when I woke up everything was covered in white frost and the temperature reached -4 degrees, must have been lower earlier in the night, considering how frozen the car was. But the day was beautiful with this peculiar, unclear sunshine which you may see on a frosty day and the air was completely still, which is rare here, by the sea.  Tomorrow I'm taking Adam for a walk, I don't take him out that often now that I spend most of my time at work.

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