Sunday, 4 December 2011

Calvin Klein Delicious Pout lipglosses in Sparkle, Copper Fusion and Pink Breeze ( review & swatches)

L to R: Sparkle, Copper Fusion, Pink Breeze
Once again I'm positively surprised with Calvin Klein products, the set of lipglossed by that brand seems to be one of the best in my collection. Although I don't like the squeezy tube packaging (I find it hard to apply the product evenly) I must say that the quality of what's in the tube is really good. All three of them are very pigmented and opaque, the formula is quite non-sticky and I absolutely adore the glass-like finish. They are highly moisturising, cause no allergic reactions (I don't suffer from allergies, but some lip products make my skin peel, which I hate) and they smell like bubble gum and are sweet to taste. They last incredibly long (as for lip glosses), perform well on their own and over other lip products.
L to R: Sparkle, Copper Fusion, Pink Breeze
Although, as I've already said that I don't fancy the squeezy tubes, I must say there's something positive about them - you see clearly how much product is left in the tube. There's nothing unusual about it, you may say, many products are packed in clear or glass containers to allow you to control the amount of product. This is true, but in many cases the product simply gets stuck to the walls of the tube or bottle and it's impossible to see through ( eg Illamasqua glosses, Dior glosses, Dior Nude foundation and many many others). This is certainly not the case with CK glosses.
L to R: Sparkle, Copper Fusion, Pink Breeze
My favourite shade is Copper Fusion.
Copper Fusion
This name is most appropriate as the colour is  lovely reddish copper with non-gritty sparkle or rather shimmer.
Copper Fusion
And  Pink Breeze is candy pink with holographic multicoloured shimmer. Not my favourite shade in general as I don't wear pinks, but it looks nice and fresh. Perfect for taking the dog out for a walk.
Pink Breeze
 Sparkle is a pinkish-beige shade, but on my lips it looks like a perfect nude. Again, this is a subtle and discreet colour for everyday purposes.

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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