Sunday, 4 December 2011

Calvin Klein lipsticks in Ruby Red, Fusion and Mulberry

L to R: Mulberry, Ruby Red, Fusion
These lipsticks are yet another great product from Calvin Klein. They are contained in classy black packaging with CK logo on top. The lipsticks themselves are velvety, but not particularly moisturising. They last ages,  but the colour which lingers on my lips a couple of hours after the application differs much from the colour of the lipstick itself.
L to R: Mulberry, Ruby Red, Fusion
My favourite shade is Mulberry.
Mulberry (direct sunlight)
Mulberry is the only shimmery colour out of the three. It's a cross between pink and berry and beige. The finish, which is a sort of golden glow somehow reminds me of ELF Cool Coral mineral lipstick. Very nice and flattering shade. Very wearable for day make-up.
Mulberry (shade)
The other shade that I like very much is Ruby Red.

Ruby Red (direct sunlight)

Ruby Red is a cool-toned red with velvet  to matte finish. This is the kind of red that matches my skin tone well.  This lipstick performs well when applied with a brush cause this allows this highly pigmented lipstick to be sheered out and applied more evenly. The colour stays on my lips for ages, but unftorunately the red tones tend to disappear and they are replaced with magenta hues, which I don't really like. Nonetheless, this is a great lipstick for the uninhibited and those who want to stand out. 

Ruby Red (shade)

And finally... Fusion.
Fusion (direct sunlight)

Fusion is the colour I can't come to terms with. It is a velvety matte fuchsia colour. I've never worn this colour in my life cause it seems so cheap and tacky to me. I simply seem so far from this colour mentally. It's just not me. But I must admit that to my surprise this colour actually looks good on me. I don't wear it for work, but I sometimes use it around the house, but I don't feel as confident as when wearing other lipsticks.
Fusion (away from the sunlight)
All in all these lipsticks are great value and great products.
Fusion (shade)

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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