Thursday, 8 December 2011

Memoirs of a beeroholic

We don't consider ourselves heavy drinkers, but we never say no to a pint of good lager, especially that there are soooo many goodies on the market right now!

My hubby's discovered a new range of tastefully paper-wrapped Bernards (if this was wine I'd be 100% certain that the marketers'd watched Black Books, but since this is beer I'm not that sure). I must admit that the contents of these weird bottles were even more amazing.  My heart and my palate were won by the honey and raspberry lager, so delicate and sweet to taste that you drink it like juice and it treacherously creeps into your limbs and your head and makes you talk nonsesne, laugh for no reason and do things I won't mention cause kids might be reading this. Bernard honey and raspberry was followed by Bernard blackcurrrant ( Ribena vith added volume of 4.5% alc.) and Bernard the mulled beer. The only one of this selection I gave a miss was the stout as I'm not normally a fan of stout. 

Those above were consumed by Kuba, they suited his taste more than mine. The first on the left was an ale with an extra measure of hops, the Christmassy one in the centre was a Guiness-like stout made with oatmeal (very black and bitter, but less dense and creamy than Guiness) and the one on the right was all-spice bitter.  

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