Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Glossybox December 2012

What I liked most about my December Glossybox was the gorgeous paper in which it was wrapped.

But I must say that the contents were fairly good as well.
I received (in order from the most to the least satisfying): 
Kryolan gel eyeliner
Model Co Lipstick & Gloss duo
Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait body milk
Batiste dry shampoo
Yasumi micellar solution
Clarena cream

I also received a couple of gadgets.
Name tags for X-mas presents are pretty and such gifts are always welcome.
The Glossybox hand warmer is a typical gimmick, you need to drop it in hot water for 15 mins to make it work, I can't see myself doing that in my morning hurry and what about coming back from work? How am I to activate it?

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