Friday, 14 December 2012

Lierac Luminescence Serum review

Lierac Luminescence serum is another Glossybox product I had the pleasure of testing.
I was very curious about this serum cause it promised not only to luminize my skin but also to correct the skin tone, which is always desired.

The serum surprised me with how watery it is. I do realise that serums are meant to be lightweight and liquidy cause they're to be used under other creams but this one literally flooded out of the tube. It's not a disadvantage, I just needed to get used to how thin it is.

The serum is a white, watery substance which when applied leaves a distinct sheen on the face. It looks like mother-of-pearl kind of sheen. I found it too glowy for my oily skin to be worn under make-up, but I'm sure that dry skin owners would be absolutely enchanted by this look.

What I didn't like about the product is that it felt somewhat gritty under my fingers as if this sheen was produced by tiny chunks of glitter. Nothing major but it somehow bothered me.

Now the question of short and long term effects.
While the serum provides instant glow which luminizes dry skin in a  very pretty way, it fails to correct the skin tone in the long run. I was using the serum for about 2 weeks regularly and I didn't notice any effect on my skin apart from the superficial glow which can be removed like foundation.

Will I buy the product? Certainly not. It's not meant for me and it didn't really work. But if you have dry skin I'd give it a go. It smells nice, absorbs quickly and surely will make dry skin look healthy and fresh.

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