Sunday, 2 December 2012

Organic cosmetics: Happymore BB cream review

The sample of the Happymore BB Cream arrived at my door together with other Glossybox goodies and instantly caught my eye cause, as everyone has noticed, am very much into Korean cosmetics and BB creams in particular.

I was very much surprised to receive such product by a brand which is totally unfamiliar to me. I checked them out immediately and it turns out that Happymore is a brand which produces organic cosmetics, mostly for SPA and wellness centres. No wonder I've never heard about them as I don't frequent such places.

In the jar I found an orangey substance which instantly brought Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB to my mind. At first I thought there was no way it was a good colour match for my skin but, to my big surprise, it blended in beautifully. It has a very lightweight, almost watery consistency, which moisturises well and left the skin slightly glowy. I definitely needed to set it well with powder, but certainly it didn't feel heavy at all. It also has a gorgeous smell!

According to the product description, it contains hyaluronic acid, wild rose extract and Andean natural physical sunscreen filter, though it doesn't say how strong the filter is. It's meant for all skin types, with special focus on acne prone skin. 

Just like the sample, the product is sold in jars. I would very much prefer a bottle with a dispenser. For obvious reasons.

I really loved the product and you may be wondering why I'm not raving about it like crazy. Well, there is a tiny little hiccup. The price.
The marketers of the company are obviously out of their minds cause they estimated the retail price of the product for PLN203, which is $65 or £40. This is insane. With that sum of money in hand I can get a Guerlain foundation from Sephora or the Meteorites I've been dreaming of for so long. 
Happymore BB Cream is a very high quality product, but not for this sort of money.

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