Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Figs & Rouge Coco Rose lip balm review

When I saw Figs & Rouge lip balm in my Glossybox, I welcomed it with pleasure. I'd had the opportunity to use another lip balm by the brand (also from the Glossybox) and I liked it a lot. 
This time the product turned out to be severely disappointing. 
First of all, this balm contains gritty glitter. Gritty glitter is never a good thing, but a glittery lip balm is even worse. I'm a lipstick girl and I don't wear lip balms when I go out. At home glitter is the last thing I need.

Secondly, the balm contains essential oils which irritate my throat and make me choke.

And worst of all, this balm doesn't work at all. It sort of sits on my lips and does nothing to moisturise them. I'd even say that it leaves my lips drier than before.

I'm a practical person and I hate throwing things out. I always try to put them into some use, but this time this lip balm landed in the bin. 


  1. Lipstick girl too here. I like balm, but with glitter? And essential oil? Gawd, sounds horrible.

    1. Terrible disappointment, believe me, especially that the brand claims to use natural, organic ingredients, which are meant to reduce irritants